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Protégé Power: A Roadmap to Mentorship

ISBN: 9781634894012
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Lori Crever
Pages: 288
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 04/13/2023

"The definitive guide to building a relationship with a mentor who matters." - Mark LeBlanc, author of Growing Your Business and Defining YOU!

"In this fun and fast-paced book, Lori Crever makes a firm case for how and why you should seek a mentor, creating an instructional guide and a useful set of tools for anyone looking to advance in their career." - 
Linda Larkin, Disney Legend and speaking voice of Princess Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin

"As an athlete and coach, I know the value of having a mentor to help achieve your fullest potential. Lori Crever provides the framework for a successful mentoring relationship." - 
Natalie Darwitz, 2018 USA Hockey Hall of Fame inductee, Olympic silver and bronze medalist, two-time National Champion, Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) Minnesota General Manager

"One of the best books written on the topic of mentoring. If you want to learn how to build and inspire a culture of healthy mentor-mentee relationships, this book is for you! 
Protégé Power is filled with a great mix and balance of real-life stories, research, great illustrations, and practical tips for effective mentoring strategies." -Dr. Jermaine M. Davis, Professor of Communication and Leadership, author of Leading with Greatness!

Tools, illustrations, and practical real-world stories depicting how to achieve a stunningly effective career mentoring relationship.

In this practical guide for career success, you will discover how to:

  • cultivate networking skills to identify and recruit the right mentor for you,
  • establish regular check-ins with realistic agendas, objectives, and action planning, and
  • utilize a Career Movement Roadmap to clarify your direction and destination.

Our career satisfaction is ultimately up to us, but that doesn't mean we have to go it alone. In fact, few people who are truly successful will say that they have. What is the role of mentee or “protégé”—at any stage of your career? How does one recruit a mentor who is both interested and the right fit? As mentors, how do we foster the most worthy and fruitful arrangements?

"Mentorship is magic, and that is made powerfully clear in 
Protégé Power. If you want to add Miracle-Gro® to your career, you need this book."Joe Schmit, sports director of KSTP-TV, Minnesota Speakers Hall of Fame, author of Silent Impact and The Impact Blueprint

In Lori Crever’s multinational corporate career, she constructed and led the most celebrated and replicated mentor program across the enterprise. Eighty-eight percent of program graduates reported they experienced a notable surge in role level, job title, and/or salary. These positive shifts were attributed to having the right mentor and skillful program support. The methods Lori developed have proven effective for mentors and mentees alike.

With the motivational tones of 
She Thinks like a Boss and the relationship-first approach of How to Talk to Anybody, Lori Crever provides an engaging and practical roadmap for business mentorship, on both sides of the coin.

Whether you’re searching for a college graduation gift, considering a career change, or trying to elevate your professional success, having a mentor takes you from struggling with a paper roadmap to utilizing a sophisticated GPS. While you remain the driver of your career vehicle, working with a mentor ensures that you smartly comprehend and skillfully address obstacles that may get in the way of arriving at your career destination.

It's time you found your co-pilot.

Lori Crever is a speaker, author, comedy improvisor, and workplace culture designer-facilitator. Her professional experiences range from acting on a network soap opera to managing communications for the international division of a Fortune 50 corporation. She has trained social responsibility innovators in Tokyo and university students in how to implement human rights into organizational leadership. She is a founding member of Jesters Comedy Improv and is a frequent participant in local poetry and storytelling events in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota.

"Outstanding read!
 Protégé Power offers a realistic—and authentic—roadmap to identifying, developing, and fostering the mentor/mentee relationship. Every one of us has been a protégé—formally or informally—in our professional life and certainly could have benefited from this book to help best develop the relationship(s) with our mentor(s)." - Nicole Daly, J.D., Ed.D, director, Center for Ethics in Practice, University of St. Thomas, Opus College of Business

"As someone who has been a mentee and a mentor for many years, I wish I had a book like this early on to help me get the most value out of my mentorship relationships. 
Protégé Power is a roadmap for how to effectively maximize mentoring for personal growth." - Jaime Taets, CEO, Keystone Group International

"Carefully crafted mentoring relationships lead to professional and personal success. Lori Crever provides interactive step-by-step instructions on how to secure and engage with a mentor. Laced with humor and insight, this book empowers protégés." - 
Rebecca K. Hawthorne, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, St. Catherine University

"The definitive guide to building a relationship with a mentor who matters. When you look back on your career and for whom you are most grateful—it is often the informal and formal mentors who listened, cared, and believed in you when you most needed it. Sharing time and experiencing the wisdom of those who came before will help you build your dream career. Keep this book within arm's reach, refer to it often, and you will never be the same!" - Mark LeBlanc