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Planned from the Start: A Healing Devotional

ISBN: 9781732962507
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Lorraine Marie Varela
Pages: 192
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 3/22/2019

The major feature film Unplanned explores Abby Johnson's journey from Planned Parenthood clinic director to pro-life advocate. Her compelling story is an emotional roller coaster for many women and men whose lives have been touched by abortion.

As a companion devotional to the movie, Planned from the Start reveals five core areas of emotional turmoil often faced following abortion … emotions that trap women and men in the prison of pain that abortion has brought into their lives and into the lives of those who love them.

Filled with moments for reflection and personal stories from those who have experienced their own journeys of trauma and redemption, this interactive devotional invites readers to begin healing from the pain of post-abortion trauma to freedom and wholeness.

"Our prayer is that this devotional will be the catalyst that begins a personal healing journey for every person who has been affected by abortion." —Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, writers-directors of Unplanned


Lorraine Marie Varela is the author of Powerful Moments in the Presence of God and Love in the Face of ISIS. She and her husband, Gabriel, co-founded Inspiring Faith International, a ministry to help people from all walks of life draw closer to God. Together they co-led a prayer and ministry team on the film set of Unplanned. Lorraine and Gabriel live in the Los Angeles area and can be found online at


“The pro-life movement is a movement of converts and therefore a movement of hope. There is nothing more unnatural than paying a healer, a doctor, to take the life of a child. Abortion is devastating, and the “relief” it promises is nowhere to be found in the aftermath. This beautiful book is a finger that points to healing, hope, and freedom that is possible through Jesus Christ. He is the Great Healer, and these pages show His power to restore our brokenness.” —Shawn Carney, CEO and President of 40 Days for Life , Bestselling author of The Beginning of the End of Abortion

"Planned from the Start is an incredibly powerful resource for anyone who has experienced the pain that abortion causes.  The testimonies and moments of reflection within are a beautiful reminder that God's grace is sufficient for us.  I believe that this book will bring healing and restoration to millions." —Ashley Bratcher, Actress in Unplanned 

“I know a number of women who’ve had abortions and they seem to fall into one of two camps. Either they’re still covered in a thick shadow of shame, or, because they’ve received God’s healing and forgiveness, they’ve found a passion in their souls and have gone on to do brilliant things for God. Oh, I long for every hurting heart to know Christ’s unfathomable mercy and grace amidst the ashes and wreckage of abortion. My friend, Lorraine has crafted a beautifully deep devotional that will minister to your heart and lead you to a place of healing you never thought possible. You may fear that you won’t survive it. But you’ll not only survive it, you will go on to thrive in life! As you pursue your healing, you’ll find a Savior waiting with open arms, ready to restore you. Take your time and work your way through the pages of this treasured resource. You’ll be glad you did.” —Susie Larson, Author, Show Host, National Speaker

Unplanned powerfully removes blinders regarding the truth of abortion and the value of human life. Planned from the Start picks up where the movie leaves off, offering the first step toward healing for women and men who have suffered through the trauma of abortion. This vital resource offers hope as it restores identity, destiny and purpose.” —Daryl Lefever, Producer of Unplanned and I Can Only Imagine

“Breathtaking. I have never cried while previewing a manuscript for endorsement, but I did with Planned from the Start. Tears that quickly turned to hope and freedom. If you need healing from a crisis pregnancy, this book is for you. If you know someone who does, this book is your gift to them.” —Laura Harris Smith,CNC, Author of Get Well Soon, The Healthy Living Handbook, and The 30-Day Faith Detox; TV host, theTHREE

Planned from the Start opened up unexpected places in my heart. It beautifully led me through many emotions, and brought peace to painful memories. Long-held lies in my mind were replaced with God’s truth and His love for me, and I received so much insight and encouragement from the times of reflection. For any woman who has been through the agonizing experience of abortion, this healing devotional by Lorraine Varela will bring comfort and closure to your heart, soul, mind and body.” —Julie True, Julie True Ministries, Singer, Songwriter, Soaking Worship Music Artist

“Infused with hope and healing on every page. Planned from the Start is a beacon of light, love, and restoration for anyone who has experienced the trauma incurred by abortion.” —Robia Scott, Author of Counterfeit Comforts, Actress in Unplanned

Planned from the Start tackles a very difficult subject with God’s grace and kindness that offers a healing path for anyone that has felt the toxic-effects of abortion. Lorraine Varela has beautifully compiled this devotional with scriptures, meditative reflections and the honestly compelling stories of many who have not only suffered from the traumas of abortion, but those who have also found forgiveness, comfort, and wholeness—with the hope that through this book, you will find the same too. I believe that this book will also be a valuable tool for spiritual counselors, pastors, and anyone who seeks to help others in their healing process. As you read, may your heart be healed and your soul made whole.” —Joshua Mills, Bestselling author of Moving in Glory Realms

“In the pages of this masterful work, Lorraine takes us on a journey of pain, loss, grief, restoration and joy as exemplified in the life of Abby Johnson. Through this beautiful devotional you will see the omnipotence of God in taking broken pieces and shattered dreams and using them for His glory and our good. I recommend this book to any person looking for home in their darkest hour and longing to experience the grace of God in ways they have never imagined. God has a plan even for the Unplanned!” —Dr. Kynan Bridges, Bestselling author of 90 Days of Power Prayer, Pastor, Speaker

Planned from the Start: A Healing Devotional is a face to face encounter with the Healer Himself. The testimonies of hope and restoration in this book will be inspirational to all who read.” —Fabiano Altamura, Co-Producer of Unplanned, Dean, Bethel Conservatory of the Arts