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Pivotal Moments in History: The Sinking of the White Ship

ISBN: 9781643436418
Binding: Paperback
Author: Kevin B. Cannon
Pages: 104
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 06/27/2023

How did a medieval shipwreck in the English Channel lead to the unification of France, the banning of the Knights Templar, the popularization of items like handkerchiefs and wigs, the voyages of Columbus, and the creation of the most widely printed book in the world and the rockets that took man to the moon?

Follow along as author Kevin B. Cannon traces the ripple effects of the wreck of the White Ship, explaining how a little-known event in world history has touched lives to the present day. This book shows why history matters and is worth studying.

Kevin B. Cannon's life exemplifies the march of time. The hospital where he was born is now an apartment building, and all eleven of his pre-2008 workplaces no longer exist or belong to different companies. Cannon entered Macalester College his senior year of high school; there, he completed all of the requirements for his history major. Later he finished his degree at Metropolitan State University, where he added the writing part of his focus. At age nineteen, he wrote a history of the Engineers' Society of St. Paul that non-members actually read in its entirety. His ability to find connections between seemingly disparate events brought forth this book for your entertainment and (hopefully) enlightenment.


"The author pleasantly amazes with his premise and equally captivates with the characters, stories, and a consistent return to the pathway of how this historical event set the course for different trajectories with far-reaching impact, even in today's world. There are a multitude of characters to learn and follow. Cannon gives us just enough about each to understand their unique role in history. As a writing instructor and critic, I often see writing get in the way of the greater story. Not so here. The book led me like a tour guide. I may go back and visit!" - Alice Lundy, professor, Metropolitan State University