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Piggie Sue Finds A Friend

ISBN: 9781632217691
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Melisa Brown
Pages: 18
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 12/22/2020

Come along with Piggie Sue, the Boston Terrier, as she searches for friendship. Home with her cat sister, Sweet Dodo, Piggie is bored and wants someone to play with. She decides to set out looking for a new friend. After trying her luck with different animals at the local zoo, Piggie Sue decides to head home, broken hearted and lonely. But, wait! Who is this? Could her cat sister Sweet Dodo be the friend she has been looking for all along?


Born and raised in Denton, Texas, Melisa Brown is a writer and content creator for a state university. As a first-time children’s book author, Melisa knew she wanted to combine her love of her precious fur family with her passion for kindness and caring for others, bringing both to life. She had the best inspiration right in front of her…her Boston Terrier, Piggie Sue and fluffy cat, Sweet Dodo. Friendship, inclusion and self-acceptance are important to everyone’s lives, especially children. She hopes that her books and style of writing help children make wise choices, feel strong and confident in their own skins, and develop empathy for others, regardless of their similarities or differences.

Melisa lives in Texas with her fur family Piggie Sue (Boston Terrier), Sweet Dodo (fluffy cat) and Sweet Monkeyface (fluffy cat), recently earning her master’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of North Texas. Piggie Sue Finds A Friend, is the first in a series, and aims to teach children about friendship within their surroundings. In her spare time, Melisa enjoys being creative with writing, photography, making personal greeting cards, and social media.


"I have worked with children and the people who love and teach them for 36 years. On my journey I met Melisa Brown and her furry friend, Piggie Sue. Immediately, I knew Ms. Brown and Piggie Sue were the kind of friends everyone would love to find.  Author Melisa Brown, has a kind heart filled with warmth, wit and whimsy. It is my hope that Piggie Sue Finds a Friend in you and the children you love." - Dennis Lee, Author, Teacher, and Award-Winning Ventriloquist0

"What a precious story about the friendship between a sweet pup and her kitty friend! I loved everything about this book. I loved the rhyme! I loved the rhythm! I loved the way it made me sad for Sweet DoDo and then sad for Piggie Sue, only to make me happy and relieved at the end! I can't wait to read what author, Melisa Brown, does next!" – April Leatherwood, Educator 

"In a world where we’re always hearing that the next best thing is “out there,” we may forget to appreciate the love, acceptance, and friendship from those who are right next to us already. Never has this message been more important — the grass may seem greener on the other side, but if we look to those around us, we may be surprised at how much joy and companionship we can find closer to home.  Piggie Sue Finds a Friend offers this lesson, through the adventurous protagonist, Piggie Sue the Boston Terrier and her fluffy feline sidekick, Sweet Dodo." - Suzanne Enck, Ph.D. 

"We love following Piggie Sue's adventures in real life. Learning that she had a book...icing on the cake. Friendship is so important we love the message that Piggie Sue learns along the way." - Dan and Kayla Lindberg, Lindberg Supply Co. 

"While adults will find the message of friendship in this sweet story very heartening, we think the best review comes from our three-year-old daughter who asks us read it again and again.  She can't wait to hear more about Piggie Sue and her adventures." - Megan Morrissey, Ph.D., and Jennifer Aglio, MFA

"Melisa Brown delivers a heartwarming, poetic tale of Piggie Sue's quest to find a friend. The beautifully illustrated adventure reveals that sometimes, the very thing we need is the thing we already have. Children will enjoy the rhymes and pictures, and will resonate with the universal need for connection depicted in the story. Moreover, this book is a great resource for children who are learning how to read as they follow the rhythm of the poem. Overall, a wonderful book that can be enjoyed at any age." - Amanda Giordano, Ph.D. 

"Piggie Sue Finds A Friend is a precious book about friendship and realizing that the love you longed for was right by your side all along. Piggie travels way beyond the comfort of her home to the zoo, searching for someone to befriend, interacting with monkeys and even a lion, only to return home to find a sweet cat named Dodo to snuggle up with. This book is a great message for children, even adults like myself, to be grateful for those already in their life and lean into those who love them unconditionally. Such a message is needed in this time of comparison and wanting more, thanks to the allusions of the internet." - Brittney Kristina, Author