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PhB-The Professional Human Being-Profiting from Purpose

ISBN: 9781592980864
Binding: Paperback
Author: John Bean
Pages: 136
Published: 5/27/2006

In this book PhB--The Professional Human Being--Profiting from Purpose John Bean helps readers and visionary organizations to use humanity as a strategic advantage. The drive for systematized efficiency combined with the 24/7 mentality of today's world has resulted in a reduction of the human element in our lives. He provides the tools that help anyone become a PhB (Professional Human Being). This means individuals and businesses can achieve personal fulfillment and a more profitable existence.


A Hudson Institute Certified personal executive and team coach John Bean specializes in the power of renewal through purpose vision and values. After a career as an investment advisor and community volunteer John brings over 30 years of experience to individuals businesses and associations. A well-respected popular and dynamic keynote speaker he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dramatic Arts from Amherst College in Amherst Massachusetts.