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Pearls of Leadership Wisdom

ISBN: 9780985750305
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Sandra Davis
Pages: 140
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 7/1/2012

Pragmatic practical and immediately useful Pearls of Leadership Wisdom provides leaders at all stages of their development with a fresh perspective on ways they could potentially lead better. The book's quick-to-read 30 pearls are based on lessons learned from leaders of all types over the past three decades. Sandra Davis’ real-life examples are easy to relate to and her personal touches make this a fun read.

"At Marvin Windows and Doors we strongly believe our most important assets are our employees and their skills. They are each individual leaders. Pearls of Leadership Wisdom is a powerful easy-to-read guide filled with wonderful anecdotes and life lessons to help leaders of all kinds reach their potential. Sandra has done a wonderful job distilling three decades' worth of leadership lessons into such a readily accessible form." -- Susan Marvin CEO and Board Member Marvin Doors and Windows

“The pearls of leadership wisdom are great tools not only for self-development and reflection but also for team coaching. As they were released I shared them during staff meetings or sent a note to the staff with my comments on how it was relevant to our business. It provided a new channel for me to share some of my beliefs and make sure the whole team was aligned with our objectives.” -- Chip Blankenship President and CEO GE Appliances


Sandra Davis is chair and co-founder of MDA Leadership Consulting in Minneapolis a premier national leadership-development firm. As leader of MDA's CEO and Board Services Sandra specializes in working with CEOs and boards on CEO selection and succession planning senior-executive talent strategies and executive coaching for C-suite leaders. She is widely known as an industry thought leader counting many Fortune 500 firms among her clients.

Sandra earned her Ph.D. in counseling psychology with an emphasis in industrial/organizational psychology from the University of Minnesota and she is a fellow of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology and of the American Psychological Association. She has authored numerous professional articles on topics related to assessment leadership development coaching and succession as well as the books Pearls of Leadership Wisdom and Reinventing Yourself: Life Planning After 50.