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Pathways to Self-Awareness

ISBN: 9781934690840
Binding: Paperback
Author: Randall Krause
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 10/15/2016

Pathways to Self-Awareness is an invitation to explore the deeper meaning of our life's journey. It encourages us to ask ourselves the ultimate question: Who am I? Written in brief and often poetic prose readers can turn again and again to this book for guidance and direction along the path to their True Self. The book is composed of heart touching readings filled with wisdom gained by the author's 28 years with his meditation teacher and his daily yoga-meditation practice.

Pathways to Self-Awareness is for everyone - those who are new to the concepts of Yoga and meditation as well as more experienced practitioners. Composed of daily readings the book's simple format allows us to open to any page for inspiration and guidance.


From an early age Randall Krause sought answers to the ultimate questions of life. Later he had the good fortune to study with Swami Veda Bharati a great teacher in the Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition. Randall has spent more than 28 years in intensive study and practice under the swami's guidance.

Randall speaks from his heart. He shares his understanding gleaned from years of practice through his writings and by teaching and mentoring focused on the wisdom practices and life-style of the Yoga meditation tradition and the practical application of this knowledge in daily life.

"For me Pathways to Self-Awareness facilitates a visit to that place of perfect peace that lies within each of us. It gently guides the reader along an inner journey that points the way to this special place. Along the way it raises existential questions that we sometimes ponder-the same questions that people have been asking themselves over many centuries. And no this little book does not attempt to give us answers to those perennial questions but instead it guides us along the path toward discovering answers for ourselves.

Pathways to Self-Awareness makes it clear that finding inner peace is an individual journey and offers the reader tools to find it for him or her self. Rather than providing formulas or prescriptions the author teases us by alluding to the benefits that can be found at each stage of the quest. Descriptions of these benefits-for example cultivating a pleasant ('saumya') mind or discovering your own wisdom-provide an incentive to follow the path of self-discovery.

The author draws on age-old principles of yoga and presents them in a form which the reader can readily apply and practice akin to serving them up on a platter so you can sample them for yourself. I would liken this book to a small jewel." - Sandra Uyterhoeven Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist