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On the Other Side: A Spiritual Memoir

ISBN: 9781634893305
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Julie Jacky
Pages: 288
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 5/14/2020

In this spiritual memoir, Julie Jacky shares a raw account of trauma and recovery. Having faced and survived sexual abuse, she provides the hope of overcoming childhood trauma as an adult.  

When Julie was 38, she felt shame and heartache as she took money out of her son's savings account to keep the lights on. After she climbed her way out of bankruptcy, she felt secrets from her past unexpectedly disrupting her life, preventing her from being the person she wanted to be.

The first step for moving forward was looking back. On the Other Side is an unfiltered and unapologetic exploration ofchildhood trauma and the process of healing sexual abuse. By not running away from her own story, Julie Jacky was able to chart the next chapter.

Julie helps others with trauma healing. She has overcome her previous money and personal struggles to become a certified financial coach and a certified practitioner of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT aka Tapping). She leverages all of her experiences and her intuition to create systematic approaches for healing using her combined professional and personal experiences

This trauma healing memoir invites readers to . . .

  • Unpack childhood trauma in favor of a fulfilled adulthood,
  • Find freedom and forgiveness after sexual abuse,
  • Feel solidarity in the story of a fellow survivor,
  • Let go of self-blame but embrace personal responsibility for moving forward

A reflective childhood abuse memoir in the vein of What My Bones Know and Hush, Julie Jacky’s story is a can’t-miss companion for any healing journey.

You have the power to redraw your boundaries and rediscover your worthiness. Freedom awaits you on the other side.


Julie Jacky is a spiritual coach, certified practitioner in EFT Tapping, and the author of the spiritual memoir On the Other Side. A lifelong learner, Julie has extensively studied under leaders like Tony Robbins, Nancy Levin, Dave Ramsey, and Dr. Joe Dispenza to find spiritual, financial, and emotional freedom.

A passionate self-care advocate, Julie Jacky helps stressed-out clients overcome feeling stuck, unworthy, and burdened by secrets and shame. She guides them towards healing and opening their hearts to gain clarity and discover greater peace, ultimately experiencing freedom from their past. By shifting perspectives and instilling empowering new beliefs, she leads individuals towards achieving their best lives.


"In On the Other Side, Julie Jacky gets personal and specific about how to heal the crippling effects of childhood sexual abuse. Her persistence and courage in her own healing process show us what it really takes, and as she experiences her breakthrough into the lightness and freedom that come with true forgiveness, we want to celebrate her triumph - as well as fearlessly face into any of our own bad stories and be done with them. Julie's writing style is friendly and goes down easy, and this book will be so helpful to many people. Thank you, Julie!" - Mary Hayes Grieco, author of Unconditional Forgiveness: A Simple and Proven Method to Forgive Everyone and Everything

"As Julie courageously opens her heart and shares her journey through healing her past, we see that healing is possible for us too. Her stories confirm for us that our past does not have to define us nor dictate our future; we can indeed find peace within ourselves and realize that we are truly enough. Julie's must-read memoir is a convincing invitation to do our personal work. Let's begin." - Ann Kerr Romberg, certified life and horse-guided coach, author of several e-books that help coaches support people on their journeys

"You won't want to put this powerful book down. On the Other Side is truly an inspiration, and is deeply-relatable for all readers whether you have experienced sexual abuse or not. It is raw and real and provides heartfelt hope for all who have been through any kind of trauma or sexual abuse in their lives. The incredible hard work Julie went through to heal from her past shows us that we, too, can all do the hard work; we can all heal wounds that we once thought couldn't be healed. We can all take our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health into our own hands and heal ourselves." - Dr. Angela Elliot DC, CACCP, pediatric and family chiropractor