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Nobody Notices Bently

ISBN: 9781634139113
Binding: Paperback
Author: Deborah Zamperini Hewins and Nicholas Lewis
Trim: 8.5 x 11 inches
Published: 8/9/2016

Deborah Zamperini Hewins' Nobody Notices Bently is a heartwarming tale of personal growth. Your child will relate to Bently who feels he is plain and ordinary as he compares himself unfavorably with others. He wishes people would pay more attention to him and praise him for qualities he wishes he might have.

Bently learns to accept himself for who he is and even more importantly he begins to see his own strengths. His friends Timothy and Ladybug help Bently appreciate the assets that others have and remind him how useful wonderful and important grass really is.

Nobody Notices Bently is written with an easy vocabulary and is ideal for children ages 0 through 6. Reading Nobody Notices Bently your child will learn about individuality generosity gratitude creativity friendship nature and to be true to oneself. Alongside Bently your child will learn to appreciate others for who they are and will gain confidence in themselves. After all we are all special in our own way.


Deborah Zamperini Hewins lives in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut where she enjoys spending time outdoors with her dogs and cats. Deb grew up in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts an area renowned for its beautiful scenery and outdoor adventures. When writing a children's book for a high school assignment it was fitting that nature would play an essential role. Her teacher suggested she look into publishing her book but instead she put it aside for many years.

Deb's passion for nature led her to study Horticulture in college. She married had a daughter and a son numerous pets and devoted many years to her family. Deb often thought of her story and imagined getting it published. A few years ago she recruited the innovative talents of aspiring artist Nicholas Lewis asking him to help her story come to life. Thirty-nine years after it was originally written Nobody Notices Bently makes its debut fulfilling Deb's life-long dream of publishing her story.