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No Bullsh!t Leadership

ISBN: 9781948122788
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Martin G. Moore
Pages: 292
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 09/28/2021

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What makes a truly exceptional leader? Discover the practical, fail-proof tools that will help you to fine-tune your leadership skills, solidify respect among your workforce, and ensure your company's lasting success.

When Martin G. Moore was asked to rescue a leading energy corporation from ever-increasing debt and a lack of executive accountability, he faced an uphill battle. Not only had he never before stepped into the role of CEO; he also had no experience in the rapidly evolving energy sector. Relying on the practical leadership principles he had honed throughout his thirty-three-year career, he overhauled the company's culture, redefined its leadership capability, and increased earnings by a compound annual growth rate of 125 percent.
In No Bullsh!t Leadership, Moore outlines these proven leadership principles in a clear, direct way. He sweeps away the mystical fog surrounding leadership today and lays out the essential steps for success. Moore combines this tangible advice with honest, real-world examples from his own career to provide a no-nonsense look at the skills a true leader possesses.
Moore's principles for no bullshit leadership focus on:

  • Creating value by focusing only on the things that matter most
  • Facing conflict, adversity, and ambiguity with decisiveness and confidence
  • Setting uncompromising standards for behavior and performance
  • Selecting and developing great people
  • Making those people accountable, and empowering them to do their best
  • Setting simple, value-driven goals and communicating them relentlessly

Though the steps aren't easy, they are guaranteed, if implemented, to lift your leadership--and your organization--to a higher level. Wherever you are in your career, No Bullsh!t Leadership will help you develop the skills and form the habits needed to become a no bullshit leader.


Martin G. Moore is the former CEO of CS Energy. When he took on this role, the company was saddled with massive debt and debilitating commercial issues. Within five years, he had grown earnings from $17 million to $441 million, a compound annual growth rate of 125 percent.

After a thirty-three-year-long career, in which Moore worked his way up from an entry-level position in software development to later becoming a CIO, an SVP, and a Head of Strategy, Moore traded in his corner office for an enriching career as a leadership performance expert at Your CEO Mentor, the business he co-founded with his daughter, Emma Green.

He developed Leadership Beyond the Theory, a global training program geared toward sharing his insights and wisdom with the world's top executives. In conjunction with his book of the same title, Moore also hosts No Bullsh!t Leadership, a weekly leadership podcast that has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times.


"No Bullsh!t Leadership is a simple, practical and proven guide by someone who has been on the front line and, most importantly, delivered results. Martin has distilled success down to 7 key imperatives to help make you a better leader, whether you lead just one person or millions of people." - Greg Creed

"This doesn't feel at all like 'just another leadership book'. I love the directness of Martin's style, and the compelling stories that bring his practical tips to life. He breaks complex human systems into digestible chunks, with humor and humanity." - Miranda Kalinowski

"Martin's approach to leadership is exactly what he says - no fluff, and no padding - just practical techniques to improve the way you lead, immediately." - Rob Blake

"This easy-to-read book is particularly useful for those who want to be real business leaders. Martin provides a sound framework that any leader can apply. He addresses many of the misconceptions that cause leaders to fail, and replaces them with more effective advice based on his own experience." - Stephen Drotter

"Books about business leadership are two-a-penny every year, out of date almost as soon as published. Occasionally, a writer can cut away the bullsh!t to present a small masterpiece." - Anthony Fry

"It's easy to be distracted by all the aspirational talk about great leadership, and difficult to know what actually works. Martin has delivered a practical, well-structured roadmap to leading for results. This book is an essential read!" - Linda Tilton Gibson

"I've probably read 100-200 leadership books over my career as a manager, and if I could give just one book to another leader, it would be this one. A perfect complement to Martin Moore's podcast, this book pulls the content together into a framework anyone can digest and implement immediately. For new managers, it's a total no-brainer: even picking up just 10% of what this book has to offer will set a new manager apart from the pack and let them turbo-charge their career. If nothing else, it gives them a lens that helps them see their new career as a 'long game' they need to systematically get better at, not an extension of their previous working life with some extra coaching skills bolted on. For experienced managers, this book gives them the tools to go deeper across their skillset. Many get to high Director or VP posts on the back of one or two competencies, but their meteoric rise plateaus b/c they're missing critical skills. This book will help them get to the next level." - Cozy Panda

"I've read many leadership books over the years and I would rate this as one of the best. If you're like me and appreciate straightforward, no BS fluffy filler, you will love this book. I appreciated the candor, the real life experiences, and the practical tools to help you succeed as a leader. Being a leader is hard, the concepts in this book can help you be the type of leader you want to be.I am an HR leader and I would (and have) recommend this book to seasoned leaders, new leaders or those who want to be in a leadership position." - Shana Troyer

"Practical and easy to read and apply, doesn't mince words that belong at university - one for those actually looking to lead or in leadership." - Brad M

"As a new manager, this book (and the associated podcast series) has been the most helpful resource I've found so far. Moore distills all his knowledge down into practical, valuable advice. Unlike other resources the information is relevant, meaningful and easy to apply. I highly recommend this book for managers old and new." - Kate Casey