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News to Me

ISBN: 9781939293831
Binding: Paperback
Author: Barry Newman
Pages: 242
Trim: 5.5 x 8.25 inches
Published: 5/2/2022

Invention. Creativity. Imagination. There's no place for these things in just-the-facts journalism. Really? Who says?

Let's drop the pretense. Objectivity is bunk. Reporters harvest so-called facts from "the world" as they perceive it. They weed them, pound them into shape and call them stories. Honesty in reporting goes with an honest awareness that reporters impose a peculiar vision on life's torrent of personal perceptions. The more peculiar the vision, the more peculiar the stories.

News to Me is Barry Newman's attempt to explain how he weeded and pounded his peculiar vision into publishable stories. There's nothing mysterious about the techniques Newman has worked out for himself and rolled out in this book. Everyone is welcome to them. As for creativity, invention and imagination, here's a thought: Quit staring at that screen, get out from behind that desk, and harvest the world's peculiar facts in your own peculiar way.

Barry Newman went to work for the Wall Street Journal in 1970 after a few years as a copy boy and news clerk at the New York Times. In 43 years at the Journal, he wrote more than 400 features for the front page from more than 65 countries and most states in the USA. He won the Overseas Press Club's award for explanatory journalism, the National Press Club's award for humor writing, and the New York Financial Writers Association's lifetime-achievement award. His stories have been collected in numerous books, including East of the Equator, The Literary Journalists, Dogfight at the Pentagon, Losers, and Floating Off the Page.

"This book is a fantastic collection of some of the funniest, most creative and most charming front-page stories from Barry Newman's 43-year career at the Wall Street Journal. There's no one else quite like him, with his eye for overlooked stories and people, his gifts for pacing and surprise, and his understated humor. He's one of my all-time favorite feature writers, and this book is a treasure for anyone trying to write creative nonfiction. Each story, published in full, is paired with an essay that helps Newman explain his reporting and writing processes."

"Those of us who are familiar with Barry Newman's writing will not need anyone here to explain what makes him such a skilled, entertaining writer. He is, simply, one of the best. However, if you are new to Newman, I envy you for this is a great place to meet the master.This pitch-perfect work is both a rich introduction to his work (it includes numerous pieces he has written), accompanied by a deep dive into his writing mind. This is one of those very, very rare books about writing that I would give to both a beginner and a seasoned professional. Both will enjoy it and learn from it. There are not many other books on the craft of writing that one can say that about. Buy two copies and send one to a friend. Really, it is that good!"
-Amazon verified buyer

"Barry Newman has written much more than a book about reporting. His wit and experience, combined with reprints of his stories, create an object lesson in storytelling. His prose sings effortlessly as you find yourself in the middle of scenes that reveal his philosophy about going out and 'getting the color.' If you read between Newman's poetic lines, you will glean something new every time you crack the cover. (Or fire up your tablet.)"
-Amazon verified buyer

"This book should be required reading for aspiring journalists everywhere. Mr. Newman's stories are a joy to read and he provides the backstory on how he came to write them. You will finish this book and want to run out to report on all the oddities the world has to offer."
-Amazon verified buyer