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Naked Splendid Age of Aquarius

ISBN: 9781634139502
Binding: Paperback
Author: Cameo Woodsworth
Trim: 5 x 8 inches
Published: 3/15/2016

It was the last straw when Elliot's father denied his religious beliefs so he ran off to vast mountainous woods harboring an enchanted paradise to get a better perspective on life. Little did he know that this short trip would be the start of a new age for the entire world.

Immersed in the woods Elliot found peace and gradually was able to surround himself with others who were of the same mellow-vibing mindset. When civilization called him back he found that his providence had wonderfully changed resulting in not only a monetary windfall but also new love and a stronger family bond.

Elliot and his friends are already feeling good about their prospects when they are approached by otherworldly beings who are also working for the greater good. The story picks up steam and rockets them all forward in a mystical mix of music powerful vibes and a touch of divine providence. Where else but at a growing grooving Woodstock type scene with musical giants from the sixties jamming.


Author Cameo Woodsworth was born and raised in New Jersey but has never really belonged there. He belongs instead in the world of Elliot and the rest of his characters. Naked Splendid Age of Aquarius is Woodsworth's first book-and he is presently enjoying the journey of creating its sequel.