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More Adventures of a World-Traveling Scientist: Discover Hidden Secrets in 14 Powerful Journeys

ISBN: 9781934690970
Author: Stanley Randolf
Published: 10/30/2018

Discover ghosts on an island from a time forgotten. Befriend an African elephant. Find yourself in a Hopi war with cosmic connections. Experience a giant squid fighting a whale in New Zealand. Join a mysterious archaeological dig in Australia. Explore alien existence in South America—all without leaving home . . .

This second book from Stanley Randolf, M.Sc. excites and inspires, stimulates and challenges both the mind and the senses, much like his first “Adventures” book which has delighted readers all around the world, including children who have enjoyed having it read to them.

Stanley Randolf (pen name), M.Sc., a master biochemist, has traveled to over fifty countries and has been around the world fourteen times! He’s conducted seminars and given lectures worldwide explaining how probiotic science can treat disease, reduce pollution, and improve food production. Stan lives in the Minneapolis area with his wife and various family members including a dog, parrot, three reptiles and an aquarium filled with tropical fish from the Amazon River.

All of his stories are based on true experience. Stan has a Masters of Science degree in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin and 26 U.S. patents for his inventions in the biochemistry field.

“These stories capture the same blend of engaging story-telling and scientific insight as the first book: Adventures of a World-Travelling Scientist.  I love reading them to my kids, so they can learn about this great big and fascinating world we all live in! And, even better, kids love hearing them." --Jeff Porubcan, Master Supplements, Inc.

I really enjoyed Stanley's first Adventure book. It offered me a window into life around the globe from a scientist's viewpoint - one I hadn't considered - and expanded my view of different cultures. It transported me to many places, and I didn't even have to leave home!"  --Ann McGraw, Artist