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ISBN: 9781736213605
Binding: Paperback
Author: Robert Abad
Pages: 140
Trim: 11 x 9 inches
Published: 4/1/2021

Today, it's easy for children to develop preconceived notions about the world and other people based on simply what they see and hear in their immediate surroundings. MOMENT—a critically acclaimed, thought-provoking book for children about children—aims to dispel such biases and misconceptions by presenting young readers with over 100 images of places, faces and landscapes from around the "emerging world"—developing countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. The book contains powerful and timely messages intended to spark lively and enriching conversations in both homes and classrooms with the goal of fostering understanding, empathy and appreciation for what we all have in common: our humanity.

Author Robert Abad is an emerging markets specialist who has traveled extensively over the past 30 years. He created MOMENT to inspire young trailblazers and activists to be adventurous and see the world through the eyes of others.

MOMENT is a unique resource that educators and librarians can integrate into their global study lessons and that parents can use with their children to explore the rich cultural diversity that exists in the great wide world.


Born in New York City, award-winning author Robert Abad has spent the last 30 years studying developing countries and capturing life through the lens of his trusty pocket-sized cameras. A prolific traveler, mentor and teacher, Robert has shared his knowledge and unique insights on global trends and emerging markets with universities, corporations, governments and media outlets globally. Away from his career in finance, Robert is passionate about world culture, history, storytelling and film. He holds Master's degrees from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs and Columbia Business School, and is a graduate of New York University and Regis High School. Robert is also the recipient of a Gold Circle Award from the Columbia Press Scholastic Association.

"Abad's debut collection of travel photography is a love letter to youth across the globe..bines humane and tender portraits of families, children, and locals with impressive landscape work." - BookLife (Publisher's Weekly)

"Plenty of captivating photos...this book makes it clear there is much in even the everyday world to discover." - KIRKUS Review

"Abad describes the purpose of the book as being to embolden and empower our youth to meet the many challenges they'll face throughout their lives. In this beautifully presented volume, this goal is most definitely realized." - The Children's Book Review

"Reminiscent of the influential 1955 Family of Man photography exhibition and book, but updated for a new millennium, MOMENT succeeds in sharing the world through a different angle." - Foreword Clarion Reviews

"Unquestionably a valuable resource for educators. It's certain to spark interest, intrigue and conversation." - CityBook Review

"Full-page color photographs and well-chosen quotations make this collection by the author far more than the usual coffee table is targeted especially to young people, with the hope that it can convey to them a sense of motivation to activism by showing them what needs to be changed and what should remain and be honored in the great wide world." - US Review of Books

"The photographs reflect a world that is huge and intimate at the same's a colorful, edifying, international tour of many cultures, suitable for all ages." - BlueInk Review

"A fascinating, often thought-provoking insight into the cultural diversity of the world using a mixture of photography and well-chosen quotes." - The Wishing Shelf

"The result is a powerful, very thorough, thought-provoking book to study and appreciate, something to hopefully inspire young people to reach out, explore, be adventurous, to understand what is out there." - Readers' Favorite