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Mish and the Recipe for Adventure

ISBN: 9781634895514
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Nati Smith
Illustrator: Guillermo Alonso
Pages: 40
Trim: 9 x 11 inches
Published: 11/15/2022

In this positive thinking for kids book, Mish is a kid in the kitchen who discovers that big dreams are possible when you believe in yourself.

There's a big cooking competition in town. The grand prize is a trip around the world!

Mish enters with a loved family recipe. Will she remember the secret ingredient in time to win the prize?

More than just a kids book about cooking, this book explores:

  • confidence and goal setting for kids,
  • healthy competition, friendship, and cheering your opponents on,
  • self-esteem and positive self-talk for kids,
  • how playing with heart is all you need to succeed.

With fun international recipes like the Middle Eastern dish shakshuka, this is the perfect gift for kids who like to cook—and book for picky eaters to bring adventure and curiosity into the kitchen!

The first in a series of cooking challenges, Mish and the Recipe for Adventure is farm-to-table fun for the whole family!

"I know I can do it," Mish thought as she lay in bed that night.

She pictured making the perfect shakshuka step by step. Then she imagined herself traveling new places and making new friends.

As she grew sleepier, one final thought stayed with her:

"I must remember my most secret ingredient . . . love."

Nati Smith lives in Santa Barbara, California with her husband and two children—and much like Mish, her love language is cooking and baking!

With over a decade of mindfulness experience, author Nati Smith effortlessly uses approachable visualization techniques to gently introduce the law of attraction for kids.

Nati was born in Jerusalem, and loves introducing international culture to young readers—including her family's favorite Middle Eastern dish, shakshuka.