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Meet Me at the Salish Sea

ISBN: 9781735184401
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Nancy Oline Klimp
Illustrator: Jared Noury
Pages: 48
Trim: 10 x 8 inches
Published: 4/20/2021

Guess what miniature ocean is constantly in motion? Or which marine mammal is related to a camel? What has over eight miles of mycelium in a cubic inch of soil? And can you, can you, can you canoe?

The answers in Meet Me at the Salish Sea will surprise and delight children and adults alike in this stunningly illustrated picture book about the Salish Sea, one of the world’s most biologically diverse waterways in America’s Pacific Northwest corner. Its lovely, read-aloud poems and jewel-tone artwork invite readers young and old to discover the abundant animals, profuse plants, robust weather, lush lands, fascinating forests, and wonderful waters in and around the Salish Sea.

A map, glossary of terms, and educational notes on each subject help kids build vocabulary, learn more about this region’s rich environment and history, and deeply connect with the natural world. This beautiful book is an ideal companion to Explore with Me at the Salish Sea.


Growing up in San Francisco, Nancy Oline Klimp explored nature’s nearby forests, rivers, mountains, and ocean shores of Northern California. Her studies in anthropology and psychology led to her understanding of nature’s healing power and her work as a psychotherapist. Living in the Salish Sea’s environs has set the landscape for these poetic happenings!

Jared Noury grew up on the remote island of Molokai, Hawaii. He attended school in New Hampshire near Lake Winnepesaukee. After returning to Molokai, he started painting scenes of the island and sold them at the local farmers market. As a self-taught artist, he has continued his passion. He lives on beautiful Bainbridge Island with his family and continues to be inspired by the beauty of nature.