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Meant-to-Be Moments

ISBN: 9781940014333
Binding: Paperback
Author: Mary Treacy O'Keefe
Pages: 256
Trim: 5.25 x 8 inches
Published: 9/22/2014

The belief that an incident is "meant to be" is held by people from various faith traditions ranging from "spiritual but not religious" to devoutly religious individuals. These believers want to understand the meaning of their experiences especially ones that occur during difficult times or ones that seem to be calling for a response. Using inspirational real-life stories Meant-to-Be Moments: Discovering What We Are Called to Do and Be provides a process to help people live more fully by paying attention reflecting asking for guidance and saying "yes" to events they believe are "meant to be."

Mary Treacy O'Keefe MA is a radio show host spiritual director author of Thin Places: Where Faith Is Affirmed and Hope Dwells and Meant to Be Moments: Discovering What We Are Called to Do and Be and co-founder of Well Within a nonprofit holistic wellness center near St. Paul MN.

"In twenty-five years as a psychiatrist I have too often seen lives become diminished by an encounter with depression loss or some other form of suffering. Yet the wondrous thing is that some people emerge on the other end of suffering having been somehow enlarged by it. How does that happen? What goes on in the brain the mind the heart or the soul to bring one more fully into life? What can we do beyond leaving it to chance or hoping that we will be enlivened?

"In Meant-to-Be Moments Mary Treacy O'Keefe explores these mysteries in the best possible way-through stories. And she goes further-she offers a method that we can use with our own stories to encounter God and our own deepest selves within the stuff of our lives." -Henry Emmons MD PhD author of The Chemistry of Joy and The Chemistry of Calm

"As a spiritual director I'm thrilled to have discovered this compelling and well-written book. Often when people come to see me it is because they are dealing with life-and-death issues or those surrounding grief. I'm delighted to have Meant-to-Be Moments in my cache of helpful tools. Filled with wonderful first person accounts it is a book I can wholeheartedly recommend because it enlightens educates and entertains in such a delightful and uplifting way." -Diane Keyes spiritual director award-winning author of This Sold House and Spirit of the Snowpeople

"Meant-to-Be Moments is an invitation and a call to wake up and pay attention to the grace and mystery that surround us. What makes the stories extraordinary is the fact that they are very ordinary-happening to people in the course of their everyday lives. Invariably the gift that emerges in the stories is clarity and serenity. Through observing signs experiencing synchronicities and reflecting people discover purpose and meaning and life makes more sense. Mary Treacy O'Keefe offers profound spiritual wisdom that transcends cultures and traditions. It offers inspiration and hope." -Mary Jo Kreitzer PhD RN FAAN Director Center for Spirituality &amp Healing Professor School of Nursing University of Minnesota

"First a tear alert. Have your box of tissues handy. Mary Treacy O'Keefe has gathered nearly sixty stories as told to her by people who have had 'meant-to-be' happenings. This compilation of stories demonstrates how spiritual transformation can give people the courage to live life fully and be who they are meant-to-be. These stories affirm that God is an active force in our daily lives-if we pay attention listen and respond to that small still voice we hear. Meant-to-Be Moments present themselves in a variety of ways-as signs dreams telepathic events and synchronicity. These encourage you to make time to care for others as well as yourself. Need a spiritual kick in the pants? This book is for you." -Connie Anderson author of When Polio Came Home: How Ordinary People Overcame Extraordinary Challenges and In My Next Life I Want to be My Dog

"My favorite storytellers now have some serious competition from Mary Treacy O'Keefe. I love listening to and learning from stories and the stories in Meant-to-Be Moments are packed with joy pathos love coincidence compassion and a heartfelt connection with the divine.

These stories help us to accept that human part of us that rages and wrestles with illness dying and death. At the same time they inspire us to embrace our higher selves as we discover our deep spiritual connection with friends family and God.

As I smiled and cried my way through the book I realized how deeply touched I was by this emotionally rich and profound collection of stories. Thank you Mary for this delightful and amazing gift." -Bill Manahan MD past president American Holistic Medical Association

"We've all experienced those moments of coincidence those serendipitous events that seem pleasantly strange at the time they happen. Meant-to-Be Moments provides a beautiful combination of teaching us how to tap into these moments with more intention while interweaving real-life stories of ordinary people experiencing extraordinary moments of 'coincidence.' If you have ever wondered if 'things happen for a reason' then you need to read Mary Treacy O'Keefe's book. She is the perfect guide to help you answer that question for yourself." -Pamela Muldoon producer/host Next Stage Online Radio

"Meant-to-Be Moments is inspiring insightful and comforting. It is profoundly spiritual but universal in its understanding of God. Meant-to-Be Moments sharpens the reader's awareness of the many 'thin places' that take place in daily life. These occurrences often go unnoticed written off as hunches accidents coincidences or they are simply forgotten. In reading the book I found myself remembering a number of situations that could have been helpful to me had I given them my full attention. I started to read this manuscript with the intention of quickly skimming it. I found myself hungrily reading every word and taking long pauses to digest what I had just read.

"Mary Treacy O'Keefe has given the world a great gift. This book is a must-read for therapists hospice workers medical personnel and clergy." -Jeanne M. Wiger PhD marriage and family therapist