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Management Culture

ISBN: 9781937928506
Binding: Paperback
Author: Denise Moreland
Pages: 226
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 4/1/2012

In Management Culture: Innovative and Bold Strategies to Engage Employees author Denise Moreland provides a comprehensive and insightful guide for managers and employees. Readers are encouraged to redefine what it means to be “the boss ” and are challenged to change dysfunctional patterns that lead to negative work environments. In traditional management models employees are viewed as a means to an end. A boss’s role is to provide strict supervision and detailed directives which employees are expected to follow without questioning.

Disempowering employees contributes to high turnover rates low productivity and poor morale. New management perspectives encourage leaders to develop positive relationships with employees. Unfortunately new approaches fail to deliver their promised results because old behaviors linger reinforced by traditional management culture. Ms. Moreland provides a keen analysis to dismantle the old culture replacing it with a fresh vision and practical tools to get there. Imagine a workplace where leaders lead with integrity honesty and transparency setting directions that make sense and making decisions that are broadly supported. Imagine employees trusting management and management trusting employees. Imagine everyone coming to work each day to do only and exactly what each loves to do and all the work gets done through the abundant diversity in interest skill and knowledge.

Denise Moreland is passionate about building respectful and positive environments by honoring the unique contributions of everyone. In more than 20 years as a manager she has enjoyed great success in engaging employees by inviting them to be full participants. Ms. Moreland has an MA in Public Administration and a BA in Psychology/ Religion. Through her business - LifeGuides - Ms. Moreland provides life coaching facilitation and public speaking services.