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Make It a Good Night

ISBN: 9781643437347
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Jennifer Universe
Illustrator: Jennifer Universe
Pages: 32
Trim: 5.5 x 7.5 inches
Published: 07/04/2023

The sun starts to set, and the moon starts to rise.
Bright stars appear and light up the night skies.
We made the day good; let's make it a good night.
Time to unwind as we breathe, think, and write.

Simple and affirming, Make It a Good Night serves as a guide to creating a positive bedtime routine for children of all ages. Colorful illustrations accompany playful rhymes in this engaging and soothing bedtime book.

Make It a Good Night is the second children's book by author and illustrator Jennifer Universe. It is a follow-up to Universe's first children's book, Make It a Good Day. Both books aim to provide children and adults alike with tools to identity and process feelings, practice gratitude, and take control of their own mind, body, and emotions.


Jennifer Universe is an award-winning author and illustrator. She is guided by curiosity and connection. She thinks vegetables are cool and loves to explore. Jennifer enjoys cooking, eating, laughing, and writing. Her words and illustrations have been featured in USA Today Sports Media Group, SB Nation, and FanSided. She's got a habit of re-reading her favorite books even when she knows there are so many other wonderful ones out there. She does, however, hope you re-read her books, Make It A Good Day and The Caiman and the Butterfly. She's excited to write more.