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Children's Books - 4-8 Years New Titles

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Maa's Magical Saree: Story of a Culture, Colors and Qualities

ISBN: 9781953384218
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Bhasvar A.
Illustrator: Shivani Aggarwal
Pages: 36
Trim: 11 x 8.5 inches
Published: 11/06/2023

Every child is born with infinite possibilities. That is why all parents do their best to teach their children how to be happy, responsible, and successful. Historic heroes, cultural symbols and nature's wonders play vital roles in a child's learning experience. Dedicated to all mothers, Maa's Magical Saree is a fond story of an Indian mother and her son. Based on Hindu deities, philosophy and way of living the mother inspires her son to be a good human. She teaches her son to be emotionally strong, thankful and compassionate. The son loves his mother and her sarees. He links the teachings of his mother to her colorful sarees. What his mother teaches him, the colors of her sarees reinforce, taking the reader on a journey not only to understand the values of Hinduism, but to feel the respect a young son has for his mother.


Bhasvar A. is an entrepreneur based in New Delhi. He follows Isha Yoga and is passionate about yogic practices and meditation. In his free time, he likes to read about Physics, Ayurveda, and Sanskrit texts like the Sankhya Karika. He loves to play with children and likes to tell them about Yogic ways of living. Maa's Magical Saree is his first book inspired by his loving mother.

A self-taught illustrator, Shivani Aggarwal worked as a software expert in Canada before discovering her real passion lied in creating playful artwork carrying deeper messages of Indian culture. Her calling brought her back to her roots in India, where Yoga and meditation rekindled her childhood love for art. Besides working as a freelance designer, she shares messages for well-being on her Instagram page @doodlesofwisdom.

"A well-illustrated story of honoring family and culture." - Kirkus Reviews

"It's a must have for families looking to educate children about Hindu deities and values in a fun way!" - Anupam Kher, Indian Actor