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Lusitano: Noble, Courageous, Eternal

ISBN: 9780989209953
Binding: Paperback
Author: Keron Psillas Oliveira
Pages: 96
Trim: 11.4 x 12 inches
Published: 10/31/2018

Veritas Editions is the 2022 winner of the prestigious Lucie Award for Book Publisher of the Year by the Lucie Foundation.

Winner of Bronze Medal in the 2019 IPPY Independent Publisher Book Awards, for the Animals category, chosen from over 4,500 entries overall.

Keron tells her story of meeting, photographing, and ultimately living in the land of her beloved Lusitano horse. Includes four essays—one at each chapter beginning, and an index of images providing the names of all the horses, riders if depicted, and the date and location the photographs were made.

An excerpt from the Introduction by Keron Psillas Oliveira:

“Photographically I felt that I began to show the Lusitano in their environment and in a way that transcends time, discipline, or breeding. In other words, despite my tremendous respect for the breeding programs of Senhors Braga, Freire, Veiga, Torres, and so many others, I want my photographs to represent the eternal qualities that emanate from the horses. For these horses are noble and courageous. They are dignified, kind, trusting and engaging. And yet, there is something more, an ineffable quality found in the Lusitano that I have not found in other breeds. I believe that this horse is a direct channel to what we might call the spark of the Divine.

"Horses have been our partners for millennia. For centuries they have worked for us, carried us, and more recently, for those who seek a personal connection to them, they have uplifted us. They are our mirror. They show us our best and worst qualities in equal measure, without judgement. And they are always waiting for us to join them in a higher consciousness, the consciousness of now that is also eternal.

"The Lusitano has expanded my consciousness and enriched my life for more than 15 years. The photographs in this collection are a record of a journey shared with these magnificent beings.”


Keron Psillas Oliveira is a photographer, writer, instructor and mentor, with an extensive background in the print and publishing industry. Raised in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, where after two decades in the printing and publishing industry, Keron became a professional photographer in 2006.

Her published works include Forty Years Later, Meditation for Two, The Alchemy of Lightness, and Dressage for the New Age, with long-time collaborator Dominique Barbier. She self-published Loss and Beauty; creating solace in a land of infinite sorrow.

Loss and Beauty puts composites of her original photographs in conversation to illuminate the personal journeys of victims of the unspeakable horror that was the Holocaust. Loss and Beauty won the prestigious Best of Show award for Photobook 2015.

Keron includes work in Lusitano: noble, courageous, eternal gleaned from 12 years of photographing the Lusitano horses in Portugal, Brasil, and the United States. This color edition is bold and seductive. The photographer’s love of beauty, form, and nuanced light emanate from every page.

Keron makes her home in the Ribatejo region of Portugal among her beloved Lusitano horses.


“Keron's photographs depict a horse that is unique in terms of how he touches us. In them we see a true artist at work, delivered in the form of photographs that not only captures the soul of the Lusitano horse, but also that of the photographer. — Lady Sylvia Loch, author of The Royal Horse of Europe and recipient of The Order of Merit from Portugal

“A sincere thank you to my friend Keron Psillas. She is able to capture another dimension of the breed through her lens, through her soul. In this way Keron is helping us to expand our own consciousness. To experience joy, we must be able to see it, to feel it. Her images of our beloved Lusitano give us this gift.” — From the Foreword by Dominique Barbier

“International photographer and horsewoman Keron Psillas Oliveira has a new book and, wow, it is a stunning tour de force! I’m not exaggerating. Her photographs of the Lusitano horse are dazzlingly rich with texture and light I’ve not seen before. What a treat it is to see the breed through her travels and let the photographs wash over you. This book is a must-have for horse lovers everywhere.” — Patricia Lasko, former editor at Dressage Today