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Lucid Landscapes

ISBN: 9780998449609
Binding: Paperback
Author: Maynard Demmon
Trim: 10 x 10 inches
Published: 4/30/2017

A fantastically unique coloring book featuring a stunning array of otherworldly patterns crystalline landscapes and subtle organic elements. Visually engaging yet relaxing to color each book illustration is highly detailed and offers an abundance of both coloring and shading opportunities. Further this book is printed on (high quality) thick paper stock allowing the use of pens pencils or even watercolor brushes.

Maynard Demmon's commercial illustrations grace the covers of numerous magazines event posters albums and books. His line work combines fractured symmetries with crystalline landscapes and subtle organic elements resulting in mind-bending otherworldly images. Having spent the past 20 years focused on privately commissioned pieces Demmon now shares his unique brand of artwork with a wider audience through his adult coloring books.

"Whether you're an inside or outside-the-box thinker this coloring book will fill your thoughts with vivid imagination! My mind relaxed as it wandered over each page's organic and geometric detail -- a true kaleidoscope of calming creativity!" - Michelle Jeong founder of Zooni Wear

"Maynard Demmon's designs are fun intricate and compelling. Guaranteed to keep even the most OCD person occupied for hours!" - R. Black graphic artist at

"Mathematically elegant and hypnotically intricate Demmon's labyrinth like patterns will captivate and lead you on an inward journey as you imbue each one with color. This is a marvelous collection of abstract design art -- highly detailed graceful and beautiful!" - Ken Capelli art director at Kabam