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Love You, Mean It (Sometimes): Limericks about the Madness of Motherhood

ISBN: 9781634896504
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Libby Hilsendager
Illustrator: L. Thomas Peterson
Pages: 64
Trim: 8 x 10 inches
Published: 10/31/2023

If you or a mom you know is on the verge of willingly throwing a match in the gas can of mom-bound life, this hilarious relatable book is for you. Gift it to yourself (you deserve it) and all your friends who have children…or even your friends who don't…you know, as a cautionary tale.

Motherhood is thought of as a peaceful, calm, everyone-is-happy, love-filled experience with children who eat all the fruits and vegetables, go to sleep peacefully every night, and clean up after themselves.

In all actuality, motherhood is a soul-crushing, exhausting, patience-worn-thin journey in which kids don't eat ANY of the fruits and vegetables, they fight with you every night about going to sleep, and the constant messy house makes you feel like you live in a kid/parent war zone.

Love You, Mean It (Sometimes) shares the frustratingly honest struggles of three moms on any given day. It will resonate with moms in ways that will leave them knowing they're not alone in this motherhood journey. This first of its kind illustrated book about motherhood, will cover topics, including:

  • Doing load after load of so-called "dirty" laundry.
  • Begging the kids - repeatedly, like hundreds of times - to clean up after themselves and help out around the house.
  • Painstakingly planning, shopping, chopping, measuring, mixing, and making meals that no one will eat.
  • And, other laugh-out-loud limericks about motherhood.

Fans of Go the Fk to Sleep will fall in love with Love You, Mean It (Sometimes)!


By day, Libby Hilsendager is a full-time healthcare worker in the field of radiation therapy. By day and night, Libby is a wife and full-time mom to three kids and one cat. Her "favorite being" in the house changes daily…sometimes even hourly. She started on this book journey five years ago, after the repeated reminders to her kids to pick up after themselves, doing 80 loads of (only partially dirty) laundry every weekend, and spending endless hours making dinners that were met with constant complaints. While she doesn't have any experience or props as an author, she's living the maddening life of many mothers out there and she wrote this book to give those mothers a laugh.