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Lost on the Fourth of July

ISBN: 9781643436920
Binding: Hardcover
Author: David Setnicker
Illustrator: Lupi McGinty
Pages: 40
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 07/04/2023

In a small town in northern Minnesota, nothing is more fun that celebrating the Fourth of July! Meggie and her family, including Schatzie, the adorable basset hound, are visiting Grandma and sharing in the festivities. But then, on the day of the big parade, Schatzie gets lost . . . Or does she?! Follow Schatzie's surprising trail around the Iron Range town of Biwabik; breathe in the rich smells of Grandma's Slovenian cooking; and cheer along during the small town's deep-seated summertime celebration in this charming, true lost-and-found tale.


Born in Biwabik, Minnesota, David Setnicker wrote the story of Schatzie the basset hound's adventures years ago while living in California. Saying "You can take the boy out of the Iron Range, but you can't take the Iron Range out of the boy," Setnicker retired to Biwabik and now lives in the same house where he was raised. He has written a number of travel and historical stories for the Hometown Focus and credits his writing skills to his high school teachers. He continues to be active in the community and is a recognized high school springboard diving coach. Lost on the Fourth of July is HIS great American novel.

Lupi McGinty is an internationally known cartoonist and illustrator based in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. Her work has appeared in The Nib, City Pages, the Star Tribune, and various comics collections. She writes and illustrates Lolly Poppet and Bantam, and is one of the creators behind the critically acclaimed, award-winning series Cartozia Tales.