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#LookUp: A Parenting Guide to Screen Use

ISBN: 9781634892018
Binding: Paperback
Author: Judy Stoffel
Pages: 216
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 3/10/2019

In the decade since the smartphone was released, we have been absorbing new technology like sponges, fervently downloading new apps and dedicating massive amounts of time to gaming, streaming video, and surfing social media. We’ve assumed these devices are healthy, or at least will not cause harm to us or our children. But what if this is an entirely flawed paradigm, and we are really part of the biggest uncontrolled experiment known to man? What if these magical gadgets are slowly damaging our children’s brains and eroding the fabric of real human connection?

In this enlightening book, Judy Stoffel, a visionary thinker who foresaw the impact screens could have on children, provides a plausible road map to change the course of the addiction train many of our kids have jumped on. She combines her personal anecdotes and business acumen with illuminating scientific data to help parents understand the impact screens are having on our children, and provides age-appropriate solutions to foster a healthy balance between the real and digital world.

#LookUp will challenge—and change—the way you think about your screens. This book is an indispensable tool for any parent who seeks guidance on how to tackle what could be the largest parenting issue of the current generation—screen time.


Judy Stoffel is a certified public accountant (CPA), business professional, author, and mother. She has a B.S. degree from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Judy is a Baby Boomer with nearly thirty years of experience parenting her own Millennial and Generation Z children. She currently lives in Chanhassen, Minnesota, with her husband and her 15-year-old son, and cherishes time spent with her other four grown children and her grandson. She can often be found on the sidelines at her children’s events, in the kitchen creating new recipes for friends and family, and volunteering in the community or at church. Learn more about Judy Stoffel at


“Timely and important!” —Stephanie Johnson, author of Baby Bare: A Bottom-Up Approach to Growing Strong Brains and Bodies

“[Ms. Stoffel] reminds us what parents know intellectually and intuitively: a healthy life is one that is relational.” —Kathie Brown, Principal of Holy Family Catholic High School, Recipient of the 2018 Distinguished Lasallian Educator Award

“I am glad to see Judy’s call to action for digital citizenship. It is up to us to begin to teach our children what skills, purpose, and boundaries are necessary as they learn to use technology.” —Michele Strasz, Catalyst for Action Consultants, 2019

“Judy presents practical solutions that will empower any family striving to ‘look up’ more!” —Nate Pitner, M.D., Ph.D.

“An absolute must-read for every parent!” —Tiffany McIntosh, parenting instructor, former middle school teacher, and mother of four

“I commend Judy Stoffel for shining a light on the ever-growing problem of ‘text neck’, which is often not even thought of when addressing our technology problems in our children.” —Dr. Aaron Morland, owner and practitioner of Valeo Health and Wellness Center

“Powerful, practical, and solid advice on the impact screens are having on our children’s brains and bodies. Judy Stoffel’s research and expertise will make you challenge the status quo and change the way you think about your devices.” —Joy Hanson Fischer, LICSW 

“Judy Stoffel’s book should prompt every mom or dad to re-evaluate household norms. Her practical, bold tips will motivate change.” —Anne Carraux, mother of four

“I applaud Ms. Stoffel for acknowledging all the amazing benefits of our devices and also showing us the cost we are paying for this connectivity.” —Tamara Sather, high school teacher

“It’s impossible to achieve outstanding results if we are distracted by our devices. This book offers great solutions to achieve a healthy balance in your life and the lives of your children.” —Anne Loughrey, founder of “Been There, Read That” blog, Certified Public Accountant, working mother of three 

“This book is very well-written [. . .] I plan to recommend #LookUp to all my parents.” —Amy Lindahl, cross-categorical special education teacher K-2 

“The author has compiled a great deal of research. I especially liked the solutions chapter—so many good ideas to get started.” —Mary Welch, retired school teacher, 40 years’ experience 

“As a teacher of seventeen years and mom of thirteen years, I found the information in this book very beneficial. A lot of research that helps one understand what the brain is doing as it connects to technology is included.” —Barb Meinert, 4th grade teacher, St. Hubert School

“The beauty of this book is that Judy Stoffel presents not only the pros and cons of the pervasive screen presence in our lives but does not leave the reader there.” —Denise Westerhaus, mother of nine

“[Ms. Stoffel’s] family media plan is realistic and very straightforward; it should be an objective for every family to put a media plan in place.” —Mary Thomas, elementary education teacher