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Children's Books - 4-8 Years Parenting & Families - Special Needs

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Lolo’s Superpower

ISBN: 9781634891639
Binding: Hardcover
Trim: 9 x 9 inches
Published: 11/10/2018

Lolo was a doll who lived in a toy store. Lolo lived alone on the very bottom shelf while lots and lots of other dolls lived on the other shelves.

Lolo didn't really look like the other dolls. But Lolo really loved being so different-it was a superpower no less.

Every day Lolo woke up with a big smile and gave a great big Lolo smile to all of the children looking for their forever friend. Would Lolo able to find who Lolo was looking for? And would Lolo be able to teach them that being different can be a power all its own?

"Every few years a children's book comes out that inspires us to rethink our idea of what friendship means. This sweet and compassionate story observes what it means to be different in the eyes of a child." -Lisa Cartwright M.Ed

"The author's firsthand experience gives authenticity to this heartfelt moving story of Lolo a little blue doll who will steal your heart as they learn to embrace their differences. A great message for all our children." -Dan Wellik

"In Lolo's Superpower Leslie captures the need for all children to embrace what make them different and gives them their own unique 'super powers' and NOT be defined by society's expectations and limitations. As Leslie has lived with limb loss since the age of six she understands first-hand the perspective of being a child who sees themselves for themselves in spite of their 'disability ' or what she calls 'differing ability.' This book's strong message is sure to teach children and others that our greatest losses can provide us our greatest strength and gifts." -Gregory D. Gadson