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Living Wellness

ISBN: 9781592989461
Binding: Paperback + 4 CDs
Author: Ashley Darkenwald
Pages: 739
Trim: 8.5 x 11 inches
Published: 10/1/2014

INCLUDES Paperback plus 4 CDs

Why to do what to do for lasting wellness and proven weight loss.

Why are some people successful at effortless weight loss vibrant health and keeping their bodies strong and fit while everyone else struggles miserably? Because although most people already know what to do to be healthy and lose weight knowing is not enough. Living Wellness teaches you the why to do with encouragement and motivation so you can gain control of your health. You don't have to get heart disease diabetes or high cholesterol. You don't have to be overweight unhappy or out of shape. This book cuts through the fads the politics and the outdated information. Let's discover the truth that you can become healthier!

In Living Wellness I share my health and weight loss secrets in the only diet book you will ever need-one that is not a fad diet for the hopeless but a lifestyle guide for you.


Ashley Darkenwald MS CPT PES loves pizza! And ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. Years ago Ashley realized that she was addicted to sugar and junk food nearly her whole life . . . and has paid the price with weight struggles allergies adult acne and joint pain. Ashley started a journey to discover what it means to live a balanced abundant life full of colorful nutrition functional fitness and deep spirituality. Ashley is passionate to share her health secrets with everyone! With more than ten years as a certified personal trainer and as an award-winning author business owner and homeschool mother of two Ashley continues her journey of lifelong learning with her newest exciting venture Living Wellness for Growth Groups!