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levon a

ISBN: 9781634138581
Binding: Paperback
Author: J.D. Radke
Published: 4/5/2016

A layered beautifully wrought story told in reverse chronology levon a is a celebration of Chinese history of magic and ultimately of storytelling: "Still truth is how I remember it now. In a way I am changing the past from my desk here in the future as I write. It always happens like this. This is how we all tell our story."

An ambitious debut effort to read levon a is to experience an art form like no other. We reach the "ending"-or as He Song refers to it the inception-and want to start all over again.

Aided by poet Sheng Xue the text features rich character development and vivid narrative constructed out of words that feel good to say and hear as evident in passages like "He thinks to himself how small the really big things can appear to us sometimes. Little Venus the star of sympathy pulling up the sun!" and "There is a thick silk ribbon tied loosely around her neck in old-world Eastern style. Her cufflinks have memories. Her ring is new to her finger."

J.D. Radke worked for Shanghai Airport Delta Airlines and the American Refugee Committee before becoming a writer of postmodern literature.

levon a was written for J.D. Radke's son.

"JD Radke has a heart of compassion. He is an American novelist with excellent imagination and a sense of historical responsibility." - Sheng Xue