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Lethal Trajectories

ISBN: 9781592984541
Binding: Hardcover
Author: R. Michael Conley
Pages: 496
Published: 9/1/2010

The year is 2017 and a crisis of catastrophic proportions is in the making. A conflict over oil has brought China and Japan to the brink of war-igniting a global chain reaction the Saudi Arabian government is ovethrown by a regime using oil as an economic weapon of mass destruction to blackmail the world. The chaos is compounded by terrifying new climate change information a floundering global economy and a terminally-ill U.S. president. All the while a small-town pastor tries to bring unity to her community-frightened citizens of Middle America-as gas prices skyrocket the economy craters and lifestyles around the globe change almost overnight. The clock is ticking as the two superpowers China and the United States decide whether to approach this perfect storm as friends or adversaries.

Mike Conley's Lethal Trajectories explores a terrifying "what if" scenario based on extensive research and current geopolitical trends and world events. The conditions are ripe and time is running out.


Mike Conley currently serves as Chairman and CEO of the Conley Family Foundation and is actively involved on a number of boards and advisory groups. He is a former insurance executive and public policy activist. Conley graduated from the university of Minnesota in 1967 after serving in the United States Navy and later completed a post graduate program at Stanford University. He and his wife Sharon have two daughters and two grandchildren and reside in Plymouth Minnesota a suburb in Minneapolis.