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Let’s Learn about Chemistry

ISBN: 9781734091625
Binding: Board book
Author: Stephanie Ryan, Ph.D.
Illustrator: Christine Cagara
Pages: 24
Trim: 5.6” x 5.6” inches
Published: 6/2/2020

Finalist for the 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Children's/Juvenile (Non-Fiction)
Finalist for the 15th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards for Children's Non-Fiction and Picture Books: Preschool categories.


Learn Chemistry Through Fun Interactive Game Play

Let’s play a game of “One of these things is not like the other!” We’ll start with the clothes we wear and by the end of our book, we’ll be learning about Periodic Symbols and different states of matter! Sounds like fun right?! Let’s Learn About Chemistry makes it easy to introduce children to the basic fundamentals that form the foundation of chemistry — no science degree required. If you’ve ever wanted to start young readers off on a lifelong love of STEM, Let’s Learn About Chemistry is a great first step.

Covering the Basics of Science and Chemistry

Join friends Charlie, Elizabeth, Oscar and Lydia as they explore the basics of chemistry in this easy to understand children’s book. Little learners will love the game structure of the book, that slowly progresses to more complex ideas without ever going too fast or overwhelming with too many facts. From toddlers and pre-readers to grade school students, young children will learn:

      The different states of matter

      The difference between macroscopic, microscopic and submicroscopic

      The difference between soluble and insoluble

      Scientific words and terminology that are broken down by syllables to make it easy to read and provide better retention

Real World Games Make Learning Fun and Interactive!

By using everyday household items like a fried egg, toy dinosaur and carton of milk, kids will see that chemistry is truly all around them. These real-world examples make abstract chemistry terms and concepts easy for little ones to understand.

Written by a Scientist and Mom!

Author Stephanie Ryan, PhD brings her passion for science to life in this accessible children’s chemistry book. Designed to make chemistry approachable and captivate young readers and listeners, Dr. Ryan uses fun comparison games to help kids better understand their world and the role chemistry plays in it.

A science and math curriculum developer, Dr. Ryan is also a mom to a three-year old and her unique perspective as both a mom, educator and scientist makes her the perfect guide to introduce the concepts of chemistry to young readers.

Readers Are Invited to Play Along and Learn Chemistry Basics

If you ever wanted to give a young learner an introduction to chemistry or STEM, but didn’t know where to start, Let’s Learn About Chemistry makes it easy to give children the building blocks to expand their knowledge of science and chemistry.  

Come along with this diverse cast of little ones as they play dress-up, eat lunch and play outside, all while including readers in their interactive games that teach the scientific concepts of chemistry. There’s no better or more fun way to learn!


Author Stephanie Ryan, PhD combines her passion for teaching with her background in science and experience as a mom to make science accessible for parents and young learners. The owner of Ryan Education Consulting, Dr. Ryan develops STEM curricula for educators spanning all grade levels. Having studied at the University of Illinois at Chicago, she earned her PhD in Learning Sciences with a focus on Chemical Education and her Masters of Sciences in Analytical Chemistry. Dr. Ryan began her education at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, receiving a B.S. in Chemistry. Married to her husband for over a decade, the couple lives in Carmel, Indiana with their three year old son, who was the inspiration for her book, Let’s Learn About Chemistry, and happens to be one of its main characters. She hopes to bring a sense of play, wonder and curiosity to other families and share her love of chemistry with a new generation of learners.