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Laughing Matters: The Political Cartoons of Richard Laurent

ISBN: 9780692186770
Published: 11/28/2018

Richard Laurent takes us down the rabbit hole of current American politics, harkening back to the 2016 presidential campaign and the election of Donald J. Trump. This collection of political cartoons will stimulate dialogue, encourage debate, and tickle the funny bone. It’s a book created to enlighten and enjoy.

Richard Laurent
is a practicing artist whose paintings have been shown in exhibitions and galleries around the country. He began his career as a graphic designer in Chicago while developing a thriving editorial illustration business. As a professional illustrator, he worked for national clients including The Washington Post, Business Week, Outside Magazine, The Chicago Reader and Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation among others. Richard also worked in film animation and served as creative director at Britannica Films. After doing weekly editorial illustrations for the Chicago Reader, in 2007 he secured an editorial cartooning position at the Chicago Sun-Times. Besides political cartooning, Richard’s work has been shown in five editions of Spectrum; The Best Contemporary Fantastic Art.


Laughing Matters is political cartooning at its best. If you are one of the millions of Americans riddled with anxiety due to presidential politics pick up this book!

“This collection of cartoons by Richard Laurent will evoke a sardonic smile or get you laughing out loud long after you’ve seen the evening news or read the latest political rant on social media. Laughing Matters offers an interpretation of current political events that frames the issues, provokes discussion and thoroughly entertains.” —Shelly Spencer, Producer/Director for WYCC Television

“Ric Laurent’s Cartoons tickle me. They gleam with good humor, intellect and an assured touch, all of which combine to yield something incandescent. He’s better than good.” —Ben Hollis, Original Host and Co-creator, Wild Chicago (WTTW)

“The political cartoons of Ric Laurent in Laughing Matters will have you laughing, moaning, agreeing exasperatedly–and mostly turning the page to see the next one. It’s truly engaging political cartooning fine art taken to the highest level of sardonic visual insight from the true heart of one of life’s good guys. Enjoy it repeatedly. It’s a new treasured favorite of mine.”—Ruth Harenchar, CIO, retired

“Armed with only paper, a pen, and the tropes of political satire, Richard Laurent slogs into the swamp of geopolitics, poking gently and not so gently at the puffed up gas balloons that lead today’s world powers. He expresses his disappointment and disdain for their behavior, and yet he seems to believe, despite overwhelming proof to the contrary, that somewhere an honest politician exists. And he draws good too!” —J.P. Schmelzer, Illustrator, President Emeritus–Graphic Artists Guild