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Larry the Penguin Searches for the Meaning of Life

ISBN: 9780982084656
Binding: Paperback
Author: Charles W. Belser
Pages: 374
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 10/1/2008

Larry is a young penguin on a secret quest for the meaning of life that teams up with a lost polar bear named Marsha who has walked halfway around the world searching for her destiny. Captured by a scientist the unusual pair is transported to a zoo in Alaska where the scientist’s dying six-year-old son frees them from captivity and joins their search. Readers are taken on an often humorous yet deeply philosophical satirical iconoclastic emotional and sure to be controversial adventure leading to the discovery of the Round Song and the secret of life. This unusual novel isn’t for children. Orbiting the story of Larry’s search for life’s meaning are a tragedy at sea cynical religious leaders a beauty queen a late night ride in a hearse behind a coffin a dead war hero a police investigation a married couple’s mutual betrayal wolves howling at the moon Santa Claus revealing the secret of reality a ghostly little girl the death of a child a suicide and a song that prevents the universe from unraveling.

Richard Dawkins author of the best seller The God Delusion has added this wonderful book to his personal library.

Larry Searches for the Meaning of Life is not for children it’s for thinking adults who aren’t afraid to question their own deeply-held beliefs. The powerful story contained within touches on the issues of our time. Scanning from the deck of his expedition’s ship Dr. Scott Price can’t believe his eyes when he spots a polar bear in the Antarctic. His colleagues worry he is cracking after receiving news from home: his 6-year-old son is dying and his wife wants a divorce. Scott a Christian fundamentalist refuses to allow a stem cell transplant to treat the boy’s illness insisting that God will heal the child. The line between the ‘living’ and ‘non-living’ vanishes when this amazing novel shows you a unique way to view reality.

Charles Belser has been an advertising technical and editorial writer for 44 years. From 1970 through 1976 his work was syndicated to newspapers throughout the United States Canada England Australia and New Zealand. A member of Mensa he became aware of the true nature of life when as a small boy he discovered the secret of the Round Song. Belser’s life experiences include travel throughout Europe and Japan service as a U.S. Army paratrooper a law enforcement officer and a public official. He lives in Los Angeles California with his wife and two children.