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Killing Wonder Woman

ISBN: 9781634890496
Binding: Paperback
Author: Tenaya TJ Tison
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 2/20/2017


Working women of faith are subjected to daily blows of lies and deception. We are barraged with messages that we're not good enough smart enough thin enough spiritual enough. We believe that our professions mean very little in the eyes of God. We're feeling tired and discouraged from holding ourselves to impossible standards. These damaging lies and labels now have a name: Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman is a symbol of the unobtainable. She is a blend of all the women-both real and fictional-that we idolize. She is the whispers of doubt and negative self-talk that run rampantly through our minds. It's time to stop listening. It's time to slay Wonder Woman!

Killing Wonder Woman is more than a book. It's a long-overdue weapon that we as working women of faith can yield to cut down burnout destroy discouragement and set ourselves free of unrealistic expectations. Once we break loose of Wonder Woman's deception we can open ourselves more fully to trust God's plan and integrate Him into all aspects of our lives including in our workplace calling.

Are you ready to win at work and soar in faith? This is your call to arms.

Tenaya TJ Tison is a business leader and entrepreneur with a proven track record as a strategic advisor and change agent within the small business sector. T.J. has held twenty-seven different jobs throughout her life and finally found her calling in helping businesses grow.

T.J. and her husband of twenty-five years have two grown children and together enjoy the peace of their Wisconsin hobby farm with a myriad of pet animals. In her spare time (ha ha) T.J. likes to run play golf read and cheer on the Minnesota Vikings. To learn more about T.J. visit her website:

T.J. is also the founder and executive director of Working Women of Faith a nonprofit that exists to equip women to win at work and soar in faith. To learn more about Working Women of Faith visit:

"T. J. Tison creates a compelling reason why your Wonder Woman needs to die. A great read with real insights and actionable ideas coaching you how to live a more adventurous life God's way." -Kathryn M. Tack executive coach speaker and trainer with the John Maxwell Team

"Killing Wonder Woman equips you with the power of YOUR voice and gives you the choice to no longer shape your voice according to what you hear in the media at work at home or from any other place. A life-changing experience awaits you." -Suzann Brown senior vice president the Private Client Reserve of US Bank

"Tenaya (T.J.) Tison has enlightened us with truth to recognize the wiles of the enemy. The myth and disguise of Wonder Woman has depleted us long enough. As you digest each page of this book I am confident that you will be strengthened and revived to experience a change of life." -DaVetta "Dee" Collins founder and CEO of Dunamis Woman Enterprise LLC

"Killing Wonder Woman is a thought-provoking inspiring book written with faith-filled words about the real-world experiences of working women. Be ready to reflect on the wonders of our womanhood and be challenged to rethink one's purpose and passion for faith at work." -Cindy Leines owner and founder CEL Public Relations Inc.