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ISBN: 9798218371951
Binding: Paperback
Author: Pagi
Pages: 76
Trim: 5 x 7.75 inches
Published: 03/01/2024

This collection of poetry, Juxtapositions, by Pagi, exemplifies resiliency. Some of the themes throughout include loss and grief, alcoholism, domestic violence, and depression. However, the poems also move forward with a love of language and a liveliness of spirit. Pagi's work comes out of unique life experiences, and reflects the world of the Arctic, in both its geo-political and spiritual spheres. Pagi's use of language—including vocabulary—is both delicate and innovative. An example of how her poems flow can be found in "Spoiled" where "Sorrow shadows ordinary." This book will be of interest to general readers of poetry, those interested in Native American literature, and anyone who wants to encounter the human heart.


Aatqa Pagi Sivuqaghmiingunga. Pugughilegmiit ramkengitneng pingunga. Tapghalugenkuk Mekengankuk elltughaqagtegnenga. Asagumiinkuk Robert-nkuuq panikagttegnenga.

Proud member of the Pugughilegmiit Clan, I am the great granddaughter of Begunligook, Algnetuk, Aglughaq, and Nateghmii. I am the granddaughter of Tapghluq and Mekenga, Robert Matthew Powers, and Marjorie Powers. I am the daughter of the late Robert Owen Powers and the late Ina Powers. My traditional name is Pagi and I am St. Lawrence Island Yupik.