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Just Look Up: Five Life-Saving Phrases Every Human Needs to Hear

ISBN: 9781634893725
Binding: Paperback
Author: Joe Beckman
Pages: 168
Trim: 5 x 7 inches
Published: 01/05/2023

In this teen mental health book for parents, teachers, and youth leaders, international speaker Joe Beckman takes the popular presentations he's shared with over 1,500 schools, to create truly empowered mentors—and reconnected kids.

"I often find myself dispensing advice that came directly from Joe's words."

— Jim Tobin, 8th-grade science teacher

More than ever, kids are feeling the burn of living in the fast-paced, do-it-all, win-at-any-cost, boredom-is-bad, hyperconnected-yet-totally-disconnected society we surround them with. More than ever, they are looking for answers.

They are looking to their parents, teachers, coaches, youth pastors, mentors . . . and as the adults who are answering, what are we telling them? What are the most important messages ALL kids need to hear in today's world?

Teaching kids to thrive and regulate emotions may seem like a challenge. Especially when parenting teens with depression and anxiety, it's hard to know the right thing to say.

Just Look Up is a small book that tackles this big task — providing concise and practical advice that fits into everyday dinner table and youth group conversations.

Combining humor, authenticity, and heart, Joe Beckman shares five specific phrases he believes all kids (and adults) need to hear. The result is a refreshing, authentic, and down-to-earth approach to finding self-worth, resilience, confidence, joy, and maybe most importantly, human connection.

In this quick and inspirational read, discover:

  • research-based practices for childhood mental health, human connection, and self-worth,
  • the right thing to say to teens with intense emotions,
  • a template for managing screentime and conquering cell phone addiction,
  • student and teacher study guides packed with inspirational self-help, and
  • companion videos and discussion starters to empower the kids you care about.

This kids mental health book blends the modern understanding of Matt Haig's Notes on an Anxious Planet with the practical applicability of What Great Teachers Do Different.

It's time to lift up our heads, shake off the fog, reconnect-and do it together.

"A great read with much-needed messaging for all ages and audiences—especially now when human connection is needed more than ever."
— Tina Uphoff, health coach, fitness trainer, and mom

Joe Beckman is on a mission is to reclaim human connection in school communities and families throughout the world. His philosophy of slowing down, separating from our screens, and listening to each other's stories has helped to rebuild community in a time when self-worth and belonging is at an all-time low. In his time as a speaker and leadership trainer, he's shared his infectious energy, humor, and passion in presentations for 1,500+ schools and over one million people worldwide.

Joe's real-world wisdom has helped to build positive and nurturing environments in school communities. Now, as an author, his knowledge goes even farther to reach new classrooms and youth groups and reconnect parents to their kids. For more advice on parenting today's kids or mentoring the modern student, visit JoeBeckman.


"Every once in a while, something like this comes along that just grabs you and takes hold of your mind, your heart, and your soul. Not only does this book share the life-saving phrases, it gives the reason behind them and how to implement them in daily life. I often find myself dispensing advice that came directly from Joe's words. An absolute must-read with stories we can all relate to and ways we can overcome barriers in our lives." - Jim Tobin, 8th grade science teacher

"A great read with much-needed messaging for all ages and audiences! I really resonated with the five phases that every human needs to hear, especially now when human connection is needed more than ever. Joe did a fantastic job of incorporating real-life situations and stories, making the book very relatable. Thank you, Joe, for sharing your experiences and expertise in a way that we can all benefit!" - Tina Uphoff, health coach, fitness trainer, mom

"Joe's passion for building a positive and nurturing environment in school communities is infectious. With humor, humility, and hope, Just Look Up is filled with positive strategies that will impact your life and the people around you. A must read!" - Curtis Slater, 2018 National Distinguished Principal of the Year, Minnesota

"This is hands down the most engaged our staff has EVER been in a book study." - Tammy Steenhook, elementary principal