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Just Imagine

ISBN: 9780979438011
Binding: Paperback
Author: Catherine Athans
Pages: 60
Trim: 5 x 5 inches
Published: 12/01/2009

Did you ever catch yourself drifting off in thought?

Did you ever wonder where you go?

Do you allow your mind free reign and allow yourself the fun of fantastic pictures, marvelous journeys, and marvelous feelings?

Imagining stimulates the brain and creates wonderful hormones that make you happy.

Imagining allows your heart to be in coherence. It brings a sense of peace.

You are invited to explore with great delight the beautiful, light being that you are- full of love and wonder. Joy is waiting for you!


Catherine Athans, Ph.D. a teacher of metaphysics and a life coach, has practices in Los Altos and Los Angeles, California. With clients spreading across the globe, she also has a California-based radio talk show and is a frequent guest speaker at events around the world.

A moving and dynamic speaker, Catherine has presented and taught at the Global Peace Initiative of Women - a conference inspired by the Millennium Global Peace Summit at the United Nations - as well as the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. She is a recipient of the President's Special Recognition Award for those who choose to search out innovative systems to serve mankind.

Dr. Athans has dedicated her life to supporting individuals wishing to dissolve their negative, deep embedded programs - and open to the Love, Light, and Truth in the Universe.

She employs her 30+ years of highly developed intuitive skills, as well as her vast clinical knowledge and experience to gracefully open the way for people to grow and flourish.

She has been heard on more than 690 radio stations including cities across the country such as Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta, Denver, Seattle, Sacramento, San Diego, Tampa, Vegas and featured as an expert in Huffington Post, Livestrong, and Good Housekeeping.