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Just Breathe Out

ISBN: 9781635053340
Binding: Paperback
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 11/15/2016

How does focusing on your outbreath help create a new healthier you?

In Just Breathe Out you learn how practicing the BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs) energizes and relaxes you--the beginning of creating your very own user-friendly body.

Respiratory therapist Betsy Thomason BA RRT introduces readers to a life-changing way of breathing that focuses on breathing out instead of breathing in.

Learning and using the BreatheOutDynamic system improves everything from management of pain to athletic performance and overall health.

"Just Breathe Out . . . helps you manage stress rebalance your nervous system and enhance your longevity." -Ronald Hoffman MD Certified Nutrition Specialist Author of Intelligent Medicine

"Betsy Thomason asks you to rethink something you thought you knew how to do."-Joanne Silberner MS Former Health Correspondent NPR News

"BODs is cutting-edge therapy that treats root causes of disease."-Steve Henke MD Board-Certified Integrative Holistic Family Physician


"Just Breathe Out is the most comprehensive guide to the science of breath. Betsy Thomason has written an authoritative easy-to-implement practical guide to harnessing the power of your breath. Use it to control stress rebalance your nervous system and enhance your longevity."- Ronald Hoffman M.D. C.N.S. Medical Director of the Hoffman Center New York New York Host of Intelligent Medicine podcast Author of How to Talk with Your Doctor and Intelligent Medicine

"Betsy Thomason brings the same warmth caring and intelligence that she shares with patients to Just Breathe Out. It may just make you rethink something you thought you knew how to do." - Joanne Silberner MS former health correspondent NPR News artist-in-residence University of Washington Seattle

"The BreatheOutDynamic system as explained in Just Breathe Out goes way beyond oxygenating red blood cells." - Radu Kramer MD integrative nephrologist Bergen County New Jersey

"Betsy Thomason demonstrates the importance of the strength of the outbreath in maximizing performance and leaves no-one out in terms of addressing this concept. You will also learn to use rhythmic breathing to monitor effort-a key ingredient to self awareness. Just Breathe Out will prove extremely useful for the lay person professional and college student alike. I highly recommend the techniques outlined in Just Breathe Out for anyone who exercises in oxygen." - Susan M. Tendy Ed.D retired physical education professor United States Military Academy West Point New York

"The BreatheOutDynamic system as explained in Just Breathe Out is worthwhile because it is perfect technique." -Lee Coleman MA professor emeritus physical education Whitman College Walla Walla Washington

"Reading Just Breathe Out and practicing BODs has been incredibly transformative for me personally and professionally. A vast number of my patients have disordered breathing and sympathetic nervous system dominance-causes of a vast array of health complaints that are epidemic in our society. BODs is cutting edge therapy that treats the root cause of these medical issues." -Steve Henke MD board-certified holistic family physician Fort Collins Colorado

"Breathe out thoughtfully as represented in Just Breathe Out is the concept that links BODs to yoga west to east new with ancient. As a pathologist I can tell you that the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in human tissue affects every chemical reaction in the body which in turn affects all mental and physical abilities. Betsy Thomason's sincere efforts focusing on the outbreath will help all people but especially those with respiratory illness." Madhulika MD DCP consultant pathologist yoga practitioner Hi Tech Pathology Lab Roorkee India

"Breathing regulates our body's internal auto regulatory system-the autonomic nervous system-that maintains homeostasis and cellular function. This whole system is of paramount importance for healthy living. Just Breathe Out a comprehensive review of optimal breathing techniques for health demonstrates the involvement and power of breathing in this auto regulatory system. I commend Betsy Thomason for her valiant effort in completing this book." - Ramesh Adiraju MD FAAC founder and president RENU-CA Autonomic and Endovascular Research Institute Bristol Pennsylvania

In Just Breathe Out Betsy Thomason has compiled a collection of careful observations and inspiring stories demonstrating how the age-old practice of coordinating breathing with activity can open up new worlds of understanding performance and pain management. - Josiah Child MD FAAEM chairman emergency medicine Los Alamos Medical Center Los Alamos New Mexico

"Just Breath Out is a clear concise guide to breathing and living better. The BreatheOutDynamic system has enriched my life both physically and spiritually in countless ways. As a coach and priest I recommend you read Just Breathe Out and incorporate BODs into your daily routine." -Ed Hasse M.Div. priest St. Paul's Episcopal Church physical education teacher Fieldstone Middle School Montvale New Jersey