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Just Another Immigrant's Son: A Memoir on the Otology Renaissance

ISBN: 9781592986156
Binding: Paperback
Author: Michael M. Paparella, MD
Pages: 276
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 4/7/2020

Michael Paparella is born on the eve of the banking crisis in 1933. His immigrant parents struggle to raise their family in a city embroiled in striking, race riots, and the deepest economic depression this country has ever known. Although neither has finished primary school, they push Michael, insisting he will not live a life of poverty. "You will be a doctor," Vincenzo tells his son. At the age of sixteen, he earns a pre-med scholarship to the University of Michigan that launches him on a career performing research surgeries on farm cats and squabbling soldiers who've bitten each other's ears off, then to inventing his own surgical tools made from dental implements, and finally into a practice where he, to this day, restores the hearing of thousands of grateful people.

Just Another Immigrant's Son is a journey through Paparella's fascinating life as a world-renowned surgeon, researcher, and teacher-and the medical revolution he helped create.


Michael Mauro Paparella, MD, is the professor, chairman emeritus, and director of the Otopatholgy Laboratory at the University of Minnesota and president of the Paparella Ear, Head, and Neck Institute. He is also the founder of the International Hearing Foundation. He has published more than 720 articles and 65 books. His dedication to clinical ear research has greatly benefited patient care for many individuals, including those who have incapacitating Ménière's disease or severe chronic ear infections. His great satisfaction is having trained hundreds of ear specialists throughout the world who have become leaders in our profession and who continue to be productive in education, research, and patient care.


"I am continually impressed with Michael's dedication to his work, which will continue on as a result of his many medical publications, his selfless contribution to research, and the example he's set for the fellows he trained. I consider my friend, Dr. Michael Paparella, to be one of the truly noble servant leaders and I hope this book gives you a glimpse of this man worth knowing." - Bill Austin, CEO of Starkey Hearing Technologies

"A wonderful story about a remarkable surgeon whose groundbreaking research improved the lives of thousands of people worldwide—great reading!" - 
 Stanley Hubbard, chairman and CEO of Hubbard Broadcasting

"Michael Paparella's memoir, which blends his personal and professional lives, is fascinating reading for all. From humble beginnings as an Italian immigrant's son, he became the youngest ENT department chair in 1967. To this day, he continues his inspiring journey leading a renaissance of otology research and practice. His profound curiosity, deep desire to share his discoveries, and love for family are evident in this remarkable book."
Marcia Neely, author of the award-winning novel Deep Grass Roots