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Joy for the Soul

ISBN: 9780692914045
Binding: Paperback
Author: L. Allyn Nacsa
Trim: 8.9 x 10.75 inches
Published: 4/24/2018

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Delight your parent loved one or convalescent patients with this inspirational coloring book filled with simple drawings that are easy-to-color. Natural artwork with thick solid black outlines-ideal for low vision. Thirty-two coloring pages - birds flowers animals and outdoor scenes - display nature's great beauty. Bible Verses on each page in large print complement the artwork and are sure to stir inspirational thoughts and conversations. Engage someone needing encouragement with this uplifting collection. Printed on 60 lb. pure white paper. Perforated pages for easy page removal. Printed on one side only. Bible verses are from the King James Version (KJV) of The Holy Bible. Give the gift of joy - help someone you care for experience joy for the soul as they color and reflect on God's Word.

Are you caring for someone with limited vision? How easy it is for those of us who are sighted to forget that the one we are caring for has limited vision partial blindness or is otherwise visually impaired. I know it was for me. My mother had two beautiful blue eyes. You would never know by looking at her even at the age of 90 that she had no vision in her left eye and limited vision in her right eye. She also had dexterity limitations affecting her ability to use her hands and fingers however holding a crayon or paintbrush (in her own way) was possible and she found immense joy in being able to color and paint beautiful yet simple landscapes and drawings from nature.

I kept every drawing mother colored or painted. Many were joint collaborations-both of us working together on a picture. When finished we put our initials and the date on each drawing. My siblings and often her caregivers did the same when they colored with her. All the pictures we colored and painted together are held in a treasured portfolio allowing me to remember with great joy all the days I was honored to spend in her company.


Born in a small town in Pennsylvania, L. Allyn Nacsa moved to Pensacola Florida as a young child and daughter of two wonderful parents. The young family grew to a family of five children. Her father served as a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy and her mother a homemaker. The family then moved again to Los Angeles where the author finished her elementary and secondary school years. She went on to obtain a degree in business from California State University Northridge and has a rewarding career in business having gained most of her work experience in Los Angeles and New York. While caring for her aging mother the author hunted endlessly for simple pictures to color or paint. She also spent hours researching uplifting reading books and classic poetry as well as Bible verses and hymn lyrics to share with her mom (printing them in large text whenever possible) that inspired continual conversations and joy. Through this collection of intentionally simple coloring pages combined with Bible verses in large print the author is thrilled to help others bring joy to those they are caring for or visiting-joy she witnessed firsthand working with her own mother and other elders.