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Health, Mind & Body - Aging

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ISBN: 9781934690529
Binding: Paperback
Author: Trish Herbert
Pages: 224
Trim: 1.45 x 8.5 inches
Published: 9/1/2011

- If you are looking for a practical guide to help you review what has been important thus far in your life and what is important to you now….
- If you want to create a lifestyle that fits your values and is emotionally rewarding….
- If you are wondering about the differences between mid and later life….
- If you want to explore some tools to help you buffer the rough spots that happen to us all.
- If you want to plan for your final days and finish as well as possible….

Journeywell provides a framework and an experience for examining the depth and mystery of your journey. It asks question has exercises quotes stories and information. What have been some of the choice moments? The not so good in fact the wrenching bad times? How did you get through those times? What tools do you need to get through the rough spots around the corner? What are you proud of? Who were the powerful people in your life? To whom have you been important? What have you learned? What do you need to do now to make the rest of your life as enjoyable meaningful and balanced as possible?

Journeywell deals with the difficult as well as the delights of aging. Herbert summarizes it all with her Three Ups: Wake Up Show Up Lighten Up.

Trish Herbert grew up in Sioux City Iowa moved to Minnesota in 1955 to attend Carleton College and never left the state. She lives in the Minneapolis area with her husband of 51 years raised four children and now has eleven grandchildren. She became a licensed psychologist received her PhD in her mid-fifties at Union Institute with a specialization in gerontology. She continues to be fascinated with people’s stories the many twists and turns that life brings and how well we manage to muddle through our respective journeys.

As a psychologist she worked with older adults and their families facilitated caregiver grief and support groups and now semi-retired does some volunteering teaching and counseling. Her first book The Vintage Journey: A Guide to Artful Aging was published in 1995.

Many of her pleasures revolve around water…swimming almost daily sailing canoe trips in the BWCA and whitewater trips around the world. Carrying all those canoes took a toll on her knees and hips so now she is a titanium lady and does different kinds of adventuring. She has a goal to swim in every state and only has North Carolina and Oklahoma to go. Trish and her husband prospected for lake property shortly after marriage and proceeded to build a cabin that became a great gathering place for family and friends. She has facilitated 5-day women’s retreats there for the last 25 summers.

In the conclusion of this book she discusses the 3 Ups of Living Well (Wake Up Show Up and Lighten Up) and enjoys modeling these Ups.