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Into the Boardroom

ISBN: 9781592986897
Binding: Hardcover
Author: D.K. Light and Katie Pushor
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 2/1/2016

Into the Boardroom identifies the six qualifications common to successful candidates for a director's seat and explains how today's successful businessmen and women can get their first seat on a corporate board.

Until recently America's boardrooms have remained closed to all but a handful of directors "in the club." Now former Fortune 500 executives Dorothy Light and Katie Pushor reveal an insider's look at what goes on in the boardroom and how you can get there. CEOs and directors of some of America's most prestigious corporations share their stories of what really goes on behind closed doors who gets selected to sit on a board and who doesn't and why being a part of this influential group should be the goal of today's up and coming executives professionals and community leaders.


Dorothy Light an attorney has been the director of a publicly-held diversified energy holding company serving as chair of the audit nominations and compensation committees. She retired from The Prudential Insurance Company as Corporate Vice President and Corporate Secretary to a twenty-four member board of directors. She also served as Chair of the Prudential Foundation. A motivational speaker and consultant Ms. Light lives near Denver Colorado.


"Into the Boardroom is a first class introduction into the opportunities and pitfalls for those aspiring to membership on a corporate board. Ranging from key questions of competence and potential conflicts to matters of appropriate personal behaviors the advice is always clear concise and sensible. Allegedly a simple primer for neophytes there's a lot of distilled wisdom for experienced board members and CEOs as well."--Paul Volcker Former Chairman Federal Reserve Board

"Into the Boardroom crystallizes the role and responsibilities of a corporate board member. Its prescriptive advice stands to benefit new and experienced directors alike. A must-have for any prospective director's library."--Julie Hembrook Daum The Managing Director U.S. Board Services Spencer Stuart

"The board of directors is not a club you can apply to join. Genuine achievement in a related field is the most promising path to board membership."--Burton G Malkiel Author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street Chief Investment Officer for Wealthfront Professor (Emeritus) Princeton University

"It should come as no surprise that if you want to serve on a board you've got to have a plan and work it intentionally much the same way you'd do with any other goal. You might get lucky and have an invitation drop in your lap but if not don't let that stop you. It's always easier to get lucky if you have a plan."--Gerri Elliott, Founder, Director Whirlpool, Bed Bath & Beyond, Imperva