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If You Give Me a Lily, I'll Make it a Field: The Wexner Lectures

ISBN: 9781939901200
Binding: Paperback
Author: Scott Navicky
Pages: 146
Trim: 3.5 x 6 inches
Published: 07/01/2020

In Satires, the Roman poet Horace poses the question: "What forbids us to tell the truth, laughing?" Why not approach teaching art history the same way? What forbids us from comparing Egyptian Triad sculptures to the music videos of Houston rapper Tobe Nwigwe? Or discussing how the Hammurabi Law Code is one inch taller than Kristaps Porzingus, and thus could, theoretically, play center for the New York Knicks? If You Give Me a Lily, I'll Make it a Field is an attempt to teach the history of western art from the Paleolithic to the Quattrocento, laughing. The book touches upon topics as diverse as the vaginaphobia of the Roman Empire, the plan to move Stonehenge to Cleveland, the intoxicating splendor of ancient Egypt, and the sensible drunkenness of ancient Greece.


Scott Navicky is an imagethinker and an adjunct professor of art history. He lives in Ohio.