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I Support YOUth! - Success Through the Latest Motivational Approach

ISBN: 9781773710372
Binding: Paperback
Author: Sandi Lindgren, PhD
Pages: 150
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 02/14/2020

Do you love working with youth but get frustrated at their lack of motivation? How often have you wished you had more 'tools' in your toolbox? Are you tired of wondering if the teenagers you are serving need to see a therapist? Are you frustrated lying awake at night wondering what to do with a particular adolescent?

If you work with youth ages 12-25, I Support YOUth! Success Through the Latest Motivational Approach Is the book for you! Sandi Lindgren walks you through the ins and outs of life coaching teens and young adults. She brings you a Supportive Youth Coaching Model perfect for life coaching and working with youth.

Research has found that youth who experience coaching have increased self-determination, self-efficacy, self-confidence, and hope while improving their academic performance and building resilience. Increase your effectiveness and success in your work with youth through this breakthrough supportive coaching model.

Uncover in these pages:

  • Why coaching youth? How does it work, and what's in it for me?
  • A Supportive Youth Coaching Model: Core Knowledge, Core Principles and Core Methods.
  • Developmental stages of youth: early, middle and late adolescence.
  • When should you refer to a mental health professional?
  • What are the ethical considerations for coaching minor youth?
  • ICF core competencies with a youth focus
  • 15 skills of Emotional Intelligence and how it aids teenagers' learning.
  • Insight into what youth coaches need: training, collaboration, supervision, awareness, and cooperation


Sandi Lindgren, Ph.D., LICSW, PCC, is a clinician, professional certified coach, public speaker, and author. Sandi's professional mission is to support teens, young adults, and professionals who serve them. She does this in her business "i Support YOUth, LLC" through individual and group coaching, social work supervision, mentor coaching, training, and consultation with professionals and youth-serving organizations. Sandi is a professional coach certified through the International Coach Federation Sandi's published book, I Support YOUth! Success Through the Latest Motivational Approach, highlights her research on coaching youth and serves as a guide for those interested in coaching youth. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, camping, traveling, reading, and various crafty projects in her free time and volunteering for the American Red Cross as a Disaster Mental Health First Responder.


"In her book, I SUPPORT YOUTH! Success Through the Latest Motivational Approach Lindgren has highlighted key aspects for youth coaches to consider when coaching this population. Her Supportive Youth Coaching Model provides reflective guidance to both youth coaches as well as youth serving organizations. A must-read!" - Marshall Goldsmith, Multi-Million-Selling Author and Editor of 39 books, including Triggers and What Got you Here Won’t Get you there

"It is Sandi Lindgren's wish to 'help fuel the fire for coaching youth to explode on a global level.' In her new book I SUPPORT YOUth!, she feeds that fire in a passionate, engaging and practical manner. Sandi is a missionary who educates readers about the value and values of professional coaching and describes how it can be differentiated from the roles of parent, teacher, therapist, mentor, and consultant. She carefully walks readers through the steps needed to become a professional life coach and offers a clearly conceptualized introduction to core knowledge, principles, and methods for her Supportive Youth Coaching Model. I SUPPORT YOUth! is chockfull of helpful coaching hints and tips as well as hands-on illustrations that bring youth coaching to life for readers. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in catching the fire and becoming a youth coach or has an interest in seeking a youth coach for oneself or for a young person in one's life." - Andrew Malekoff, MSW Executive Director and CEO, North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center, New York Author of Group Work with Adolescents: Principles and Practice, 3rd Ed (Guilford Press); Editor-in-chief of the professional journal, Social Work with Groups

"Young people face many challenges, not least school, peers, and hormones. Coaching is an excellent tool for helping young people develop a stronger understanding of themselves so that they can explore the consequences of alternative courses of action, helping them develop greater personal responsibility. Sandi's book is an excellent resource for those working with young people and who want to move from a directive to a facilitative style of communication and through that help young people become the best they can be." - Professor Jonathan Passmore, University of Evora, Portugal

"Sandi Lindgren has compiled a much needed and powerfully impactful book for coaching youth and empowering the next generation of adults to be more prepared for life's ups and downs, challenges and opportunities. Coaching during the formative years of adolescence and beyond is crucial. Sandi includes theory and practical application for professionals and also offers tips for parents to become more coach-like with their own children. This book, I SUPPORT YOUTH! And its training opportunities, should be considered for every school to have coaches available for students, maybe as an additional training for licensed counselors." - Dr. Patrick Williams Master Certified Coach, Board Certified Coach

"I SUPPORT YOUth! is a must-read for all youth coaches. Sandi Lindgren's Supportive Youth Coaching Model breaks down the significant areas of training required to understand and effectively provide coaching that meets the needs and the varying emotional maturity levels of youth clients. As a coach trainer and passionate advocate for ethical standards in youth coaching, I appreciated the in-depth discussion on proper coach education and adherence to rigorous ethical guidelines for all youth coaches." - Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, MCC, BCC Founder and CEO, JST Coaching & Training; Author of Empowering Youth with ADHD

"Sandi is a mission-driven pioneer on the 'coaching for youth' global stage. Her message and practical insights and application are a must read for any coach who shares her passion for helping youth today via coaching. It is also a read for any young person who wants to show up like she did in her own youth—paving the way for what the coaching profession is today. RUN to order a copy of this book!" - Diana Sterling, Author, The Parent as Coach Approach, 2007 (revised)

"I SUPPORT YOUth! is an excellent resource for youth coaches of all nationalities and cultures. It has practical applications that can be adapted to the needs of all children. Helping to identify mental health issues and sharing resources that address these concerns are imperative. We live in a social period that has created distrust, paranoia and even dishonesty. I SUPPORT YOUth! creates a foundation that shows the reader how to coach teenagers in a way that works. This book is a must-read for everyone who is working to make a difference in the life of our youth." - Titilayo Bediako, MS EdS Founder and Executive Director, WE WIN Institute

"With passion and fun, Dr. Lindgren illustrates the highs and lows of working with youth. This book will be what current and future staff discerns as their trusted compass in effective youth work leadership. I wish this book had been around when I was starting my career with youth! There's real wisdom in these pages with practical advice that can be applied quickly and easily. If you can figure out how to get this book into the hands of every youth worker, it will spark dedication and passion for the field." - Tish Bolger CEO, Girl Scouts Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys

"It is a delight to read such a well-informed and practical guide for those who wish to support young people through the power of coaching. An easy read which is also a step-by-step guide that will help the reader understand the hows and whys of youth coaching. Sandi's knowledge and passion shine through every page and provide a firm foundation from which the reader can build their own youth coaching success stories. A must-read for all those thinking or indeed coaching in this area." - David Jessop, Phoenix Life Coaching, UK; LIFT International, Academy Award Winner – LIFE Lifter of the Year Keynote Speaker, Anthony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit, San Diego

"I SUPPORT YOUth! provides a great framework on how to partner with and support youth in achieving the goals they have for themselves through a coach model of youth work. This model can be incredibly effective in many different settings, including schools, child welfare and juvenile justice systems, mental health facilities and non-profits that are working with youth experiencing crisis such as homelessness. What I appreciate the most about this model of youth work is that it centers the youth as being the one who is developing and setting their own goals (the driver of their own life as it should be) and then the coach helps support and empower them to accomplish these goals." - Beth Holger, Executive Director, The Link, Minneapolis, Minnesota