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I Love You Still

ISBN: 9780692148174
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Margaret Scofield
Illustrator: Priscilla Alpaugh
Pages: 64
Trim: 8” x 10.5” inches
Published: 8/27/2019

Every memory with your baby is precious, and every baby deserves a beautiful place to be cherished forever. I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book was carefully created to hold memories and love for babies taken too soon due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or in their first days of life.

Each word and image of this sweet baby book was carefully chosen to be as inclusive as possible for all babies and gestational ages. Professional illustrations by award-winning children’s book illustrator Priscilla Alpaugh feature a gender-neutral, nursery animal theme, and the book’s secular content allows room for mom to include her own unique spiritual beliefs.

I Love You Still combines aspects of traditional baby books with areas for memorialization, with lots of additional journaling space for grieving moms to complete whenever it feels right for them. The book’s quality is meant to last, and its content can be revisited for months or years to come.

  • A beautiful baby memory book, memorial keepsake, and bereavement journal specifically created for the events and emotions that follow miscarriage, stillbirth, or newborn loss
  • Over 50 full-color professional illustrations featuring a gender-neutral nursery animal theme. Words and images are and carefully designed to be as inclusive as possible for all babies and gestational ages.
  • Substantial 8“ x 10.5” padded hardcover book with Smyth sewn, lay-flat binding. The cover features a soft matte finish with spot UV treatment for subtle shine on the imagery and title.
  • 64-pages, including traditional baby book sections, prompted journaling, freeform journal space and scrapbook.

Example sections include: parents’ backgrounds, trying to conceive, pregnancy test reactions, monthly pregnancy milestones, baby’s due date, favorite memories and time spent together, memorial gestures, holding the space, scrapbooking, resources, and more.

The mission of I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book is to cherish pregnancy, remember baby, and honor motherhood.


Born and raised in Wayzata, Minnesota, Margaret Scofield attended the University of Arizona where she earned her BA in English with a minor in Family Studies and Human Development.

In 2016, while taking time off from her career to start a family, Margaret’s dear friend lost her daughter to miscarriage. As a new mom herself, Margaret wanted to do more to help. After she tried in vain to find a baby book that catered to the 1 in 4 women who endure miscarriage, Margaret’s purpose became clear. 

In 2016, Margaret started a business and created the manuscript for I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book. Since then, the book has been circulated to over 20 countries, and her story has appeared on news outlets such as NBC News, The TODAY Show, People Magazine, FOX Television, and MSN News. 

Today, Margaret continues her mission to cherish pregnancy, remember baby, and honor motherhood by encouraging real conversation about pregnancy and baby loss, and postpartum mental health.


“An ideal gift for any expectant mother, or any parent that is experiencing the loss of a new baby, I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book is a unique, extraordinary, and unreservedly recommended.” --Julie Summers, Midwest Book Review

“Over the years we have looked and looked for a memorial baby book that we thought was really good. It took awhile but we have found a newly published book that is simply perfect for babies we can only hold in our hearts.” --Shauna Libsack, Director of Operations and Board Member, Star Legacy Foundation

“…The finished product is one that is inclusive of all women and their experiences; each detail is deliberate—from choosing woodland creatures for the characters, right down to the wording on every page. The book was reviewed by professionals and uses similar themes that grieving parents might encounter in therapy. Scofield also includes resources for grieving parents. I Love You Still was created to stand alongside traditional baby books, while providing space for parents who are hurting to find healing.” --Zoe Gelvick , Lake Minnetonka Magazine

 “Margaret Scofield has found a unique and touching way to help moms who have suffered a pregnancy loss honor and remember their unborn babies.” -- Jen Juneau, writer and copy editor, People Magazine

“The beautiful book encourages mums (and their partners) to remember every moment in their pregnancies -- however long they lasted -- and mark the milestones they shared together. Just like a 'regular' baby book, parents can reminisce about how they met, when they first found out they were expecting, who they told and potential names they considered. Where the book differs is that towards the end, the book helps parents work through their loss through journaling and reflection.” --Jenna Martin, writer, Kidspot Parenting (Australia)