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I Am Always I

ISBN: 9781915635136
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Rupert Spira
Illustrator: Zuzanna Celej
Pages: 48
Trim: 9 x 12 inches
Published: 05/25/2023

It's not always easy trying to figure out who you are in this ever-changing world. In this delightful book, author Rupert Spira takes you on a journey of discovery through a landscape of thoughts, feelings and circumstances to the essence of who you are. With exquisite artwork by award-winning illustrator Zuzanna Celej, this deceptively simple story shows readers of all ages that beneath our whirling thoughts and shifting emotions we can find an unshakeable peace and quiet joy. I Am Always I is not only a book you will fall in love with, it is also a guide to falling in love with your true self.


Rupert Spira felt as a child that there was an untouchable peace in him which could not be disturbed by anything that happened in life. Over fifty years later, he expresses the same understanding in this book's delightful message: everything changes, but I am always what I am. Now, Rupert helps grown-ups and children experience that same inner peace which lives in all of our hearts. The author of sixteen books, he lives in Oxford, England and enjoys playing his recorder and going for walks.