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Humane Policing

ISBN: 9781941782422
Binding: Paperback
Author: Darron Spencer
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 10/2/2017

Humane Policing was the winner of the Book Excellence Award for the law category

Humane policing. Some would say that's an oxymoron but officer Darron Spencer believes those words are inseparable. In his three years with a busy sheriff's office Darron covered an enormous number of cases and arrested many individuals for a variety of crimes. Tellingly 90% of those he arrested thanked him.

In his newly published book Humane Policing: How Perspectives Can Influence Our Performance Darron explains his approach to law enforcement and how he worked to change perspectives improve relationships and induce cooperation with his fellow officers as well as with the general public he vowed to serve and protect.

By extension Darron addresses the growing crisis in our society involving the frequently inhumane and unproductive &ndash even when lawful &ndash interactions between law enforcement and the public. Written for his fellow law enforcement professionals as well as the general public Humane Policing explores why law enforcement needs to change chronicles the experiences that shaped Darron's perspective and offers life-changing tools his colleagues can use to better serve the public.


"I wanted a fulfilling profession that allowed me to help others. After a short time in my law enforcement career I knew I'd made the right choice. I went from corrections officer to sheriff's deputy in the patrol division for 20 months. During that time I was responsible for 40 felony and 74 misdemeanor arrests assisted with four death investigations did the vast majority of my field evidence technician work investigated most all my own cases and was awarded Deputy of the Year and the Ribbon of Merit.

My career was my passion but it abruptly ended when I became disabled and unable to perform my duties. Forced to find a new way to help others I decided to teach my unique approach and techniques to my brothers and sisters in law enforcement with the goal of bridging the gap with the general public to help make our communities safer happier places to reside. For more information on how my approach can assist your agency and law enforcement personnel. Visit"

"It was my pleasure not only to hire Darron but also to work with him. During his 20 months under my supervision I was thoroughly impressed with his style and approach to law enforcement. He treated everyone humanely with respect and fairness and his approach led to unprecedented cooperation from career criminals. This in turn led to over 40 felony arrests and the filing of numerous misdemeanor charges.

"Darron is now reaching out to agencies around the country to share his talents and unique style of law enforcement so that other officers and deputies can learn how he gains cooperation rather than forces compliance in order to solve major cases." -- Senator John Cooke Senate District 13 former three-term sheriff of Weld County Colorado


"It was a refreshing pleasure to work with Darron. As a detective I could always count on him to be complete and thorough in his duties and tasks. He was eager to learn and willing to work hard. He often if not always went above and beyond expectations. He has a lot to offer law enforcement even as his promising career was cut short due to illness. He never forgot that we deal with humans often at their worst but still human beings. He treated people with warmth and friendliness. There is a time to be abrupt and take forceful command verbal or physical but this is unnecessary as a general rule.

"Most often people responded well to Darron's style of policing. Using compassion understanding and empathy is beneficial in dealing with people even suspects. If a police officer is angry and bitter in his dealings with people he takes that poisonous attitude home to his personal life too. It's fortunate that Darron is sharing his perspective. I hope law enforcement views it as the gift that it is." -- Terie Rinne Retired Weld County Sheriff's Office 33 Years