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How We Go On: Self-Compassion, Courage and Gratitude on the Path Forward

ISBN: 9798988284703
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Ken Druck
Pages: 218
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 09/04/2023

Turn life's changes, challenges, setbacks, and losses into opportunities

In this refreshingly honest book, Dr. Ken teaches us to take personal inventory as we learn to go on, what's working and what's not working in our lives, and what we can do to upgrade our interior operating systems.

As we get older, life-affirming decisions about our personal lives, relationships, and whether we're leaving a legacy of war or peace, compassion or hatred, love or chaos come into focus. Are we paying forward the best or worst in us to our kids, grandkids, and future generations? How We Go On was conceived to give readers the hope, inspiration, tools, and opportunities to say a resounding "Yes!" to this question. It affords you with the opportunity to become a more compassionate, courageous, caring, and grateful version of yourself.

How We Go On is a book about living courageously. By summoning newfound courage, we turn life's changes, challenges, setbacks, and losses into opportunities, and become the stronger, better, more resilient version of ourselves. A life well lived is one in which we have learned, grown, ripened, healed, taken social responsibility, made peace with life's real terms, paid the good in our lives forward, and left a legacy of love. The path forward at every turn, in every season, and at every crossroads, including death, is realized through self-compassion, courage, and gratitude. The book represents a distillation of Dr. Ken's lifetime of service to humanity.


Ken Druck is an international authority on healing after loss, family psychology, aging and parenting. Recipient of the prestigious Distinguished Contribution to Psychology award and best-selling author, Ken has inspired and guided his coaching/consulting clients, communities, audiences, readers and the general public for over 45 years. His books, including The Secrets Men Keep, How to Talk to Your Kids, The Real Rules of Life, Courageous Aging, Raising An Aging Parent and How We Go On: Self-Compassion, Courage and Gratitude on the Path Forward (out Sept. 4th, 2023), are based on his life's work in personal growth, his personal journey after the death of his daughter, Jenna, his visionary leadership as a community leader, and his experience on the front lines after tragedies including 9-11, Sandy Hook and Columbine.

Ken teaches, presents trainings, podcasts and keynote speeches for a broad variety of distinguished organizations including the United Nations, Harvard School of Public Health, University of California, San Diego, Medical School and the Young Presidents Organization. His work is featured regularly on CNN, PBS, Fox and network specials as well as in top newspapers, magazines, and social media sites. Dr. Ken lives in San Diego, California with his beloved, Lisette, and their rescue boxer, Jack, only a few minutes and miles from his earth daughter, Stefie, twin grandsons, and son-in-law, Tony.