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Self-Help - Anxieties & Phobias

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How to Stop Freaking the %#$@ Out for the Whole Fam Damnly

ISBN: 9781643439365
Binding: Hardcover
Illustrator: Katie Henry
Pages: 34
Trim: 8 x 8 inches
Published: 11/12/2019

STEP 1. Find yourself a buddy.

STEP 2. Convince them to try these wacky, totally-rooted-in-neuroscience ways to stop freaking out.

STEP 3. Laugh . . . HARD. 

STEP 4. Feel better.

See, everything’s better with a friend . . . even freaking the %#$@ out!


Erin Pash is a marriage and family therapist who lives in the suburbs of the Twin Cities. She is the co-owner of Ellie Family Services, and her life’s mission is to help make getting help more fun, accessible, and creative. Erin does the whole mom thing when she’s not working and has a flair for human anatomy, art, and golf.

Kyle Keller is a licensed clinical social worker and has spent his entire life living on the outskirts of St. Paul, Minnesota. He is the co-owner of Ellie Family Services and seeks to help connect others to their personal sources of meaning and value, and facilitate conversations that normalize and destigmatize various forms of distress. Kyle is a big fan of reading, music, and world history.