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How to Land a Strategy Role in Tech: Breaking into BizOps, a Job Hunting Career Guide

ISBN: 9781634895729
Binding: Paperback
Author: Amy Sun Yan
Pages: 304
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 04/11/2023

In this guidebook on breaking into tech, discover case interviews for beginners and other job hunting hacks for landing your dream role at companies like Google, Meta, Hulu, and Amazon.

"With advice for finding and securing roles, this book is a practical must for understanding the world of business operations in tech companies today."

—Alana Karen, director at Google and author of The Adventures of Women in Tech


How should Google price its new Pixel phone?

What can Hulu do to reduce customer churn?

Where should Microsoft invest their next 100 engineering headcount?

This style of case questions are used to interview analysts for coveted roles in Business Operations (BizOps) and Strategy.

So how can job seekers looking for careers in tech prepare to solve them?


Amy Sun Yan is a strategy & operations program manager at Google who has mentored more than two hundred students who have gone on to work at companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, and IBM.

With insider insights into BizOps roles at tech giants, she has created a comprehensive career guide for anyone pursuing consulting, product, marketing, or technology business management roles in the tech industry.

More than just interview guidance, How to Land a Strategy Role in Tech breaks down BizOps roles across companies, how to network and get referrals, write a stand-out resume and cover letter, and succeed after you land the role.


Inside this book, discover:

  • 5 frameworks for case study interview prep, including general, behavioral, case, technical, and take-home.
  • 30+ clear and specific practice exercises used by industry leaders.
  • 7+ actionable salary negotiation tips and first-hand insider insights into FAANG hiring processes.
  • Referral templates, real-life resumes that have landed Google roles, take-home data challenges, and much more!

Fans of Women in Tech: Take Your Career to the Next Level with Practical Advice and Inspiring Stories will love diving deeper into business strategy and mini case studies.

Unlock the answers to ace your tech interviews and land your dream job!


"Amy Sun Yan was the key to my success in landing a dream role at Google. If you are looking to land a strategy job in tech, look no further!"

—Rod Harris-Wright, strategy and operations associate at Google


"Early career or shifting roles? This book is a practical must for understanding the world of business operations in tech companies today. With advice for finding and securing roles, this is the handbook for finding—or—pivoting your career path." - Alana Karen, director at Google and author of The Adventures of Women in Tech: How We Got Here and Why We Stay

"As a BizOps professional in tech, I am beyond impressed at the extent to which this book is relevant. It is genuine, easy to consume, and thoroughly thought out!" - Haylie Chu, analytics lead at Google

"A delightfully tangible guide full of genuine information gained from hands-on encounters. A fruitful read for anyone looking into exploring this versatile career in tech." - Esther Kim, global account executive at Amazon

"Amy Sun Yan steps out of the comfort zone of the regular author—the fact that it is so personal makes the difference. It's raw and that's what I love most!" - Oliver Pour, account executive at Luminance

 “Comprehensive strategies for entering the tech-business operations field... Yan’s tips are enthusiastic and sensible." - Kirkus Reviews