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How to be Successful in Sales

ISBN: 9781592987368
Binding: Paperback
Author: Ron Giordano
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 8/15/2017

Most people are born with gifts they never even realize they have. What happens? They miss the chance to take advantage of what nature has so generously given them simply because they aren't paying attention. Gifts and talents don't necessarily mean having the voice of a songbird or playing the violin like a virtuoso they are often seemingly simple things sometimes nearly impossible to describe. A gift might be a dynamite smile that radiates in a crowd. It might be the ability to throw a wicked curveball but it also may be an uncanny and profound ability to feel what others are feeling or the ability to comfort someone just the right way. Of course many of us have gifts everyone is aware of mostly because we've told them so. Sometimes we use these gifts in our professional life sometimes we don't. This book is about identifying and honoring your talents so you can find success not only in sales but in all your endeavors.


Ron Giordano started at H.S. Crocker in Chicago Illinois in 1970 and within a couple of years sales grew from $3MM to $4MM annually. Soon after the Chairman of the Board asked Giordano to take over one of the company's plants. He advanced from salesperson to General Manager then from GM to V.P. General Manager and on to Executive V.P. before being named President and then finally the Chairman of the Board and to President/CEO. Giordano received the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Award. He believed in himself and what he did for customers and he knew what success is. He did not really need that award for all to see but it sure felt good being recognized for God-given gifts.